The AGENTS OF SHIELD escaped The Framework last week.

Mack stayed behind to be with his daughter Hope.  

Aida completed Project Looking Glass.  She emerged from the Darkhold machine that created a human body for her.

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Now what will be the fallout?

Let’s find out!

We pick up when Aida (Mallory Jansen) reveals her new human body.  She takes Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and disappears.  Coulson  (Clark Gregg) makes the observation that Aida has Inhuman powers

Coulson and May (Ming-Na Wen) are a little wonky after getting out of the Framework.  They try to talk about what happened in and outside of the Framework.  They never quite get through a conversation. There’s so much for them to talk about.

They are caught off guard when the Superior Anton Ivanov (Zach McGowan) shows up.  He tells them now that Aida is a real woman, his restrictions have been lifted.  He can kill the SHIELD agents.  

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Coulson defends himself by using his robotic, super cool hand.  He activates his shield to slice off the Superior’s face from his robot body.  There’s just one problem.  There’s more than one copy of the Superior.

Coulson and May barricade the door and try to figure out what to do next.  He tries to explain to her what happened to her when Radcliffe replaced her with an LMD.  She asks him how long it took for him to realize it wasn’t really her.  He doesn’t give her a straight answer.

May asks what happened to Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna).  Coulson gives her the short version: Eli Murrow tried to become a God, so they opened up another portal and Ghost Rider (Luna) dragged him to another dimension with his hellfire chain…no big deal.  

May says when they get out of there, they are definitely opening a bottle together.  (The bottle that Coulson already shared with LMD May. Oops!)

Coulson says that escape is not an option. They have to watch over Mack (Henry Simmons). He has to stay plugged in or his brain will get fried.  This means they have to take control of the space by force.  May says she can barely stand. Coulson tells her that help should be on the way.

On the Zephyr…

The agents try to regain control of the quinjet.  Daisy (Chloe Bennett) asks who’s trying to shoot them down.  A fire breaks out.  

Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) sends Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) into the fire to get a power cable off the wall. They need to hook it up to another cable to restore power.

The pilot Agent Davis (Maximilian Osinski) is getting very annoyed with Agent Prince (Ricardo Walker). He sees another ship coming for them.  

Yo-Yo, Simmons and Daisy are able to connect the cords just in time for Agent Piper (Briana Venskus) to bring the weapons system online and shoot down the enemy ship.  

Daisy says they have to get to the oil rig to get the rest of the team.

Aida took Fitz to a beach. She is experiencing a lot of new feelings for the first time.  It’s overwhelming…for Fitz.  Aida tells him that the things he did in the Framework were not his fault. 

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Fitz says she manipulated him.  She says he made his decisions on his own.  The only things she changed were his broken relationship with his father and introducing herself to him.

Aida said she gets to make her own choices.  She choses Fitz.  They disappear again.

Yo-Yo tries to blame Daisy for not bringing back Mack.  Daisy says Mack didn’t want to leave Hope.  In the Framework, Hope is alive and the best thing in Mack’s life.  Daisy says Mack didn’t remember Yo-Yo.  

Yo-Yo says she will go into the Framework and get him.  Daisy stops her saying they need her in the real world to help save Coulson, May, and Fitz.  They are with Mack and they have no idea what they are waking up to.

Coulson figures out they are in a secret submarine refueling stations under oil rigs built by the Russians.  He remembers from his time as a teacher in the Framework.  

May goes through the supplies and finds epinephrine.  It might give her enough adrenaline to take out the Ivanov clones.   Coulson says that’s too dangerous.  May tells him to give her mouth-to-mouth.  Coulson gets all awkward.  

May asks if he’s mad that she was Hydra in the Framework. Nope.  Did something happen with the robot May? No answer. Did May make a move on Coulson? No answer. Did May try to kill Coulson?  Sure.  Let’s go with that.

Simmons is asking Agent Piper and Agent Davis why they didn’t refuel and power up while they were in the Framework. They show her and Daisy video of General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) telling the world that Daisy attacked the SHIELD headquarters. He calls the whole team terrorists and blames them for Jeffrey Mace’s death.

Aida takes Fitz to a room that looks exactly like their bedroom in the Framework.  Fitz asks if she can imagine how someone else might be feeling.  He tells her she was ruthless.  She continues to say she was programmed to make them happy.  Fitz asks who she made happy. What did she promise the Russian?  

The Russian clones get into the Framework room.  May attacks them. She used the epinephrine.  Coulson fights one clone while May takes out the other.  After the fight is over, May collapses.  Coulson says the clones were stalling.  Why?

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

The lead Ivanov clone tells his lackeys to get the missiles ready.  A submarine shoots two missiles at the oil rig.  They are hit just ask Coulson tells May that he drank their bottle.

He takes May to the surface and he will go back for Mack.

Fitz tells Aida that she has to go back and save his friends.  Aida is scared.  Agent May pointed a gun at her. She doesn’t want to die.  

Fitz calms her down.  He tells her that if she is capable of love, she should make the choice to do the right thing.  His friends..they don’t want to die either.

Aida goes to Ivanov. She tells him to stop attacking the SHIELD agents.  He tells her that she is now suffering the feeling of regret.  She no longers controls him. He is free to do whatever he wants.  

Aida threatens to kill him.  Ivanov says his body was designed for killing.  He hid his severed head from her.  He is carrying out his plan and nothing can stop it.

She goes back to Fitz and takes him to the rig.

Coulson gets May to the surface.  Daisy and Yo-Yo are waiting for them.  They turn to go back in to get Mack, but the elevator and stairs have collapsed.  Yo-Yo won’t leave without Mack.

The Framework room fills up with water and it covers Mack.

Simmons tells them to get off the rig and back to the containment module.  

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

A flash of light occurs on the Zephyr.  Fitz, Aida and Mack appear out of nowhere.  Fitz is happy that Aida was able to save them.  Simmons shoots her with a dart.  Then she shoots Fitz. She radios the team that she has Mack.  The containment module lifts off without a moment to spare.

The team hooks Mack back up to the Framework aboard the Zephyr.  They return to SHIELD HQ.  It’s been completely destroyed by LMD May to keep LMD Coulson from getting Daisy and Simmons.  They are there to refuel and recharge.

The team puts Aida and Fitz in a larger containment module that will keep Aida from using her powers. 

Yo-Yo asks what they will do with Aida. She wants to kill her.  The team debates the choice.  Daisy asks about Fitz.  Simmons tries to reason with the team that Fitz can return to his old self.  May says they woke up from another life.  

Simmons asks if this life feels real.  Daisy thinks she’s afraid that Fitz will be the same person from the Framework.  Yo-Yo tells her that Simmons is afraid that Fitz loves someone else.

Fitz wakes up.  Aida sees her imprisonment as punishment for the hurt that she has caused the team.  She says saving Mack was the best moment of her life.  Fitz says they may be able to forgive her.  They shouldn’t forgive him.  

Aida thinks he’s struggling with who he is. He says he’s  not.  Fitz said he did those things.  He chose to do those things.  Fitz compares himself to Ward.  

Fitz thinks Simmons hates him.  He’s upset that she saw him like that.  Aida tries to comfort him.  Fitz says he destroyed his relationship with Simmons.

Aida thinks that this means that Fitz will be with her now.  He says there isn’t room in his heart for two people.  There’s only room for Simmons.

Aida gets angry. She changed everything for him.  She says he has to chose her now.  They will be together.  She tries to teleport out of the Zephyr, but her teleporting powers don’t work in that room. Fitz is able to get away from her.  Agent Davis pulls him out of the containment module.  He tells them to leave him behind.  They can’t stop Aida.

General Talbot shows up ready to take Coulson and his team into custody for killing Director Mace.  He thinks they are all robots.  Coulson tells him exactly what happened to them.

Aida destroys the containment module and goes after Fitz.  She kills three of Talbot’s men to get to Fitz.  Aida kills Agent Prince.  Agent Piper shoots her.  Agent Davis shoots Aida multiple times and tells them to leave.  

Fitz gets pulled back into the containment module by Agent Piper. She moves it into the Zephyr.  Fitz tries to tell everyone that Aida is coming after them.  He yells at May.  She knows which Inhumans they were testing in the Framework.  Aida has more than one Inhuman power.  She can’t be stopped.

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Daisy and Coulson stand up to Talbot. They tell him it’s not safe for any of them to stay.  Talbot won’t leave with Coulson’s team.  The Zephyr takes off.  

Talbot and his men stay to search the base for any other threats or bodies.

Fitz remains in the containment module.  The team looks as him as they walk by. Simmons stops.  Fitz knows she’s there.  He won’t look at her.

Fitz starts crying when she sits next to him.  She puts her arms around him and they cry together.

Daisy and Coulson realize that Yo-Yo is missing. They find her laying next to Mack…in the Framework.

Aida returns to the submarine.  Ivanov is feeding her vodka and telling her what she is feeling.  He says that she is not human. Aida gets all dramatic about her pain.  

Ivanov tells her that the Darkhold can help them rebuild the world.  They can hunt Inhumans and control the rest.  Aida wants them all to suffer.  She kills the Ivanov clone, just to feel something else.  Another clone watches her.  He asks if she feels better now.

Talbot and his team leave the base after finding the three men that Aida killed.

The Darkhold machine that brought back Coulson and Fitz opens a portal.  

The Ghost Rider returns.

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,

Agents of SHIELD, The Return,


This is the best season yet!  I’m very excited for the Ghost Rider’s return.

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Mallory Jansen is doing a fantastic job with Aida/Ophelia/Agnes.  The crazy is real!  Even I’m scare of her.  She is by far one of the best villains on television!

Yes….I cried when Simmons held Fitz.  The sweetest couple in the Marvel universe has to overcome this.  They will change but they have to stay together.   They just have to!

I had to laugh at how awkward Coulson is with May.  He kissed a robot! Hahaha!  I wonder if he will tell May about that?

Season Finale on Tuesday!  

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