Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

SHIELD is dealing with the aftermath of losing the Patriot Jeffrey Mace.  May came to her senses and exposed Skye/Daisy to the terrigen crystal.  How will Daisy’s powers affect the game now?  What is Aida’s ultimate end game?  Let’s find out…

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Sunil Bakshi (Simon Kassianides) is the voice of Hydra.  He reports to the public the Hydra approved news including a report that The Patriot (Jason O’Mara) is dead.

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

At the Hydra HQ, Skye/Daisy (Chloe Bennett) emerges from her cocoon. Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) stands by waiting and the two make their escape.  They are stopped by Madame Hydra a.k.a. Aida (Mallory Jansen) at the elevators. She says no matter the situation, the agents will revert to the old behaviors.  May will always be the warrior, Mack is a protector and Fitz…well, he’s a romantic.  Daisy doesn’t let her talk for long. She uses her Quake power to push Aida out of the window. Aida falls several stories to the ground.

In the real world, Aida is knocked out of the Framework.  The Superior Anton Ivanov (Zach McGowan) is with her. He wants to kill the SHIELD agents, but his new programming won’t let him. He has the same parameters that Aida does. Their objective is to protect the human race.  

She tells Ivanov that there is a loophole. Anyone who poses a threat to the Framework is fair game. She tells him to find Daisy and Simmons and kill them.

Back in the Framework, the resistance watch the report about the Patriot’s death.  Coulson (Clark Gregg) is not happy.  He tells Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) that the assassination of a key leader is what kills movements.  And the fact that Bakshi is defaming Jeffrey Mace makes things worse for the resistance.

May and Daisy are trying to get to the Resistance meeting location.   Daisy asks May why she is helping her. May is helping because Jeffrey Mace gave his life for hers.  It makes her think that maybe she is fighting for the wrong side.

Madame Hydra is badly hurt. Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) is very concerned about her recovery time. Alistair Fitz (David O’Hara) tells him to focus on striking back at those who hurt her.

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

Bakshi is ordered to report the attack on the Hydra HQ.  Everyone is to look for these traitors and take them to Hydra.  Mack (Henry Simmons) and Hope (Jordan Rivera) see the report. Hope is worried about Skye/Daisy. Mack assures her that Skye will be okay.

Ward (Brett Dalton) sees the report as well and wants to find them.   Coulson discourages him from going. He thinks Daisy can take care of herself and will find them first. Coulson thinks Ward is too emotional and that could get him into trouble.  Ward won’t listen and leaves. Coulson tells him not to get killed.

Simmons looks over the photos that Tripp (BJ Britt) took of Hydra’s secret weapon.  She recognizes the technology as Darkhold tech. Simmons thinks she knows what the device is and what it will do. Tripp says he overheard talk of shipments to an oil rig.  Simmons asks Tripp to go on a recon mission with her.

Daisy and May meet the resistance contact.  Hydra soldiers find them and start shooting. They rush into a building.  May tells them that Hydra won’t stop. Hydra will do everything to get into the building before blowing it up. Daisy speculates this is how Mace died. May confesses that she gave the order to blow up the enlightenment center that killed Mace.  Daisy tells her not to blame herself. That made her see what Hydra really is. If more people can see that, the resistance’s numbers will increase.

A SHIELD agent reports that their recruiting agent made contact with two new people and there was gunfire during the meeting.  Coulson thinks it may be Daisy.  The team goes to meet the newcomers. Mack goes with them. He finds a way for Hope to help the resistance from the base.

Fitz is still sitting by Madame Hydra’s side. Alistair reports that they found Skye and Agent May, but they got away.  Madame Hydra wakes up and tells Fitz to complete Project Looking Glass. Alistair tells Fitz to do as she says and he will take care of the terrorists.

Hydra soldiers get inside the building where Daisy and May are hiding.  They are almost caught, but Mack saves them. He turns his gun on May.  Daisy tries to tell Mack that May is on their side.  May helped her escape.  Coulson tells Mack to lower his gun. He’s not sure why, but he trusts May.  Mack obeys and they all escape through an underground tunnel.

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

Simmons and Tripp find the oil rig.  They discover there is a platform submerged underwater. They go to investigate, but find nothing.

Simmons pieces everything together.  Aida is building the device in the real world, in the same location. She is using Fitz to create it.  The device will use the Darkhold magic to create a human body for Aida. Tripp tells her the plans were due to be complete that week.

Meanwhile at Hydra, Fitz works quickly to complete Project Looking Glass.

Alistair enters his lab to tell him that the traitors escaped. Fitz is upset. They hurt Madame Hydra.  Fitz wants them dead.  Alistair says if he going to throw a fit every time they have a setback, he would have left him with his mother.  Fitz calms down.  Alistair says he will turn over every stone to find the traitors. Fitz tells Alistair that he is right about showing weakness.  He won’t tolerate failure…even from Alistair

Daisy and May are taken to the SHIELD HQ.  Daisy is not surprised of its location. Things get awkward when she reunites with Ward.  Ward knows about the other world.  He was hoping that Simmons was wrong. He knows now that she was right.  Skye is Daisy and she is ready to go home.

Alistair interrogates Radcliffe about the traitors.  He asks why Agent May would turn on Hydra. Radcliffe deflects the questions with an attack on Alistair . He tells Alistair that his relationship with Leo isn’t real.  In the real world, Alistair left Fitz.  He calls Alistair a drunk.  He says no matter what Alistair does to Radcliffe, he will still be a disappointment to Leo. Alistair beats him up.

May shows Coulson and Ward her body cam footage from the enlightenment center.  Daisy tells everyone that she found a way out.  That will solve all of their problems.  Ward and May don’t know how. Coulson tells Daisy that maybe they are supposed to save that world before they can return to their own.

The resistance take over Bakshi’s TV station. They are going to broadcast May’s footage to show the world the real Hydra.  

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

Fitz completes Project Looking Glass.  He tells Madame Hydra.  Fitz says he will make her stronger than before.  He just wants to go with her.  Madame Hydra smiles. That’s what she wanted.

May is helping Coulson tie his tie. She has a feeling of déjà vu.  

Daisy has everything set up but they need to be able to keep the feed going. They have to keep Hydra out of the control room.  Ward says he’ll stay behind and keep them out as long as he can.  He tells Daisy to get the others out.  

Daisy says he’s nothing like the Grant Ward from her world.  He doesn’t want her to think of him as a bad person.  He also wants his Skye back.  She hopes that happens for him. Daisy says knowing him made her understand the other Grant Ward a little better and see the good in him.

Alistair reports to Fitz that Radcliffe is not talking.  He shows Fitz a video of Radcliffe talking to Skye/Daisy through the air vent.  He tells Fitz that Radcliffe is ready to die.  Fitz tells him to find a reason for Radcliffe to live.

Coulson goes live on air.  He tells the world that they have been lied too about the Patriot’s death. They air the footage of the enlightenment center. Coulson says that the news feeds the public “alternate facts” to maintain power over the general public.  He says Hydra needs to be held accountable for their actions.  They now have a choice…to continue to believe the lies that Hydra feeds them. Or to become patriots.

A SHIELD Agent tells Ward that there are people outside of the television station that want to join the resistance.

Coulson tells the public that he used to be a teacher who taught kids the lies about Hydra. He says the truth is…his name is Phil Coulson. And he is an Agent of SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men,

Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame’s Men,

In the real world, Aida tells Ivanov that the final specifications are complete.  Ivanov asks if her restrictions will be lifted once the procedure is done. She says they will. He asks if his will too.  She promises they will.  He says he is eager to kill the SHIELD agents.  

Ivanov reports to Aida that they found Simmons and Daisy.  As soon as they get a lock on the quinjet, they will blow them into the water.


This is getting good.  Aida wants to be a real girl…okay. She’s had the desire to feel real feelings for a while now.  It’s obvious that the Darkhold did affect her despite the fact that she’s an android.  

I’m waiting for May and Fitz to realize their situations.  I’m not so mad at Fitz now, I understand that his circumstances changed how he grew up. I just hope that mentality doesn’t follow him back to the real world.  

I do feel bad for Ward. Like I said before, I’m glad this is a redemption for his character.  I didn’t like who the writers turned him into.  I always hoped him and Skye would have gotten together.  So now I get to see what that would have been like…sort of.  

This has been a whirlwind season with the Ghost Rider story and then the LMD story. So much has happened.  How will they ever top this?

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