Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aren’t new to time travel, but they are new to saving HYDRA.  In “Know Your Onions” the team must do whatever it takes to keep Alfred “Freddie” Malick (Darren Barnet) alive.  Another lively action-packed episode.  Buckle up.

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The cops almost catch up to Mack (Henry Simmons), Deke (Jeff Ward), and Freddie, but Mack gives them the slip.  Deke tries to contact Daisy (Chloe Bennet) on a walkie, something that hasn’t been invented yet.  Mack covers by saying Deke is an inventor.  Freddie tells them that he’s delivering booze and hides the green substance in one of the bottles.  

Back at the Zephyr, Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) has some strange dreams about the spirit world.  She wakes up and realizes that she’s fine.  Or is she?

At the speakeasy, Koenig (Patton Oswalt) wants answers, but Daisy and Coulson (Clark Gregg) are remaining tight-lipped.  Agents Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Rodriguez/Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) show up ready to help the woman in red.  Simmons works on removing the woman’s bullet, much to Koenig’s protest.   While she works, Daisy and Coulson fill in Yo-Yo about Freddie.

Daisy raises the point they could change history for the better if they kill Freddie Malick.  Coulson insists there would be dire consequences.  Simmons reminds her that the Chronicoms know what will happen if Freddie dies. And they would return to a world they know nothing about.  Yo-Yo wants to change Freddie’s heart, but that’s the same as killing him.  Koenig tells the group that the cops are looking everywhere for Freddie. 


The woman in red is going to be fine. Coulson calls into the Zephyr and tells Enoch (Joel Stoffer) to find a way to contact Mack and Deke. He replies with news that May is awake and walking around.  Simmons instructs him to sedate May, but that’s not going to be easy.  

May is actually in command doing pull-ups.  Enoch suggests she rest, but May says she will rest when she’s dead.  Enoch is direct with her about the sedative, but May only wants to know where everyone is.  He asks what she remembers before waking up.  She remembers the spirit world, killing Izel and then waking up. Enoch is honest with her, saying she died momentarily, but Simmons was able to bring her back and repair her body.  He tells her that they are in 1931.  May responds very strangely, only replying that she’s hungry.

Deke and Mack help Freddie unload the crates of booze and Freddie tells them this is the end of the line for them.  He plans to meet his contacts alone.  A train arrives to take Freddie to his final destination.  Mack and Deke protest, saying the cops that are after him don’t want him to make the delivery. So they are going with him.


The Chronicops show up at the speakeasy and kick in the door.  Koenig admits seeing the agents, but says he got rid of them.  He sees a shot glass on the counter with the bullet in it.  Koenig drinks it so the Chronicops won’t see it.  

The Chronicops burst into Koenig’s office, where there is a secret room in the office with a peephole.  Coulson watches the Chronicops examine the room.  Koenig tries to distract the Chronicops with a drink and the woman in red wakes up.  Simmons covers her mouth while Daisy holds her to keep the Chronicops from finding them.

The Chronicops start to leave, but then the woman in red knocks over a bottle of booze.  Yo-Yo saw it, but didn’t try to stop it from falling.  The Chronicops go back into the office to investigate the crash, but another cop comes in and says they found Freddie’s getaway car. So they leave.

Daisy questions a mysterious woman on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Daisy and Yo-Yo start questioning the woman in red.  They want to know why she was meeting with Freddie.  Simmons goes through the woman’s passport and there are several stamps to and from Germany. The woman in red doesn’t divulge any information, she says she was just trying to help Freddie get back on his feet.  

Simmons spots something green on the woman’s shoe and asks for a knife to retrieve it. She takes the green stuff to the bar and gathers the ingredients she needs to examine it. Daisy calls Enoch to find out if he was able to reach Deke and Mack.  May watches from another room.  She hears Daisy say she’s afraid that Malick did something to Mack and Deke and then disappears. 

Mack asks Freddie about himself.  Freddie’s family was rich before the market crashed and they lost everything. That’s why his father committed suicide and his mom stopped talking.  He’s doing what he has to do to survive.  He says he has dreams and this job is the start of a better life for him.  Mack becomes suspicious about what’s really in the booze. 


Koenig watches Simmons in awe. She knows her onions.  Daisy checks on Yo-Yo and asks why she didn’t stop the bottle.  Yo-yo covers saying she didn’t see it, but Daisy saw her staring at the bottle. Yo-Yo admits that she froze and thinks it’s the Shrike substance inside her that stopped her. 

Simmons finishes decomposing the green substance. It’s part of a formula that first appeared in Germany in World War II. It was synthesized by German scientist Abraham Erskine and used by Johann Schmidt…the Red Skull. Freddie is delivering the key ingredient used to create the super soldier serum. 

Deke and Mack try the booze while Freddie is sleeping.  Mack voices his suspicions about the job when Enoch calls on the radio. The signal is too weak and they can’t complete the call. Freddie wakes up and wants to know why they are snooping through the crates.  Mack admits thinking there’s more to the story than Freddie is telling them. 


Enoch works on the radio signal when May appears, dressed to fight.  She tells Enoch that she needs to be in the field because it’s her job to protect them.  May is acting very strange…almost robotic. So you can imagine how this conversation is going. Enoch states that she cannot go out, especially dressed in 21st-century attire, but May isn’t asking for permission.  Enoch asks how she’s feeling, but May doesn’t feel anything. There have definitely been some complications. May demands to know where Mack and Deke are, but Enoch won’t tell her. 

Daisy wants to stop Freddie from delivering the component. Coulson says they cannot disturb the timeline.  Koenig thinks they are all crazy.  Coulson gives Daisy a definitive No, but she reminds him that Mack is the director now.  

May calls the team on the walk and Coulson almost answers her.  She doesn’t know that Coulson is back, so Simmons takes the call. She wants to know where everyone is.  Simmons tells her to stay on the Zephyr, but May insists on finding Mack and Deke.  

They have to get back to the Zephyr, but first Daisy has one more question for the woman in red. Where is Freddie going? The woman tells Daisy to go to Hell. Koenig says she means Hell’s Harbor, where the double crossers go to double cross the double crossers.  Coulson asks Koenig how to find the harbor, but Koenig wants to show him instead.  He won’t tell them unless they take him with them. 


The Chronicops find the empty getaway car.  They know Freddie got on a train, possibly with S.H.I.E.L.D.  One of the Chronicops wants to kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but the other states that their target is Alfred Malick. If they succeed there won’t be a S.H.I.E.L.D. And those that followed them to 1931 will be out of time.   

Mack asks Freddie to let him inspect the bottle.  Freddie doesn’t want to comply and Deke is on his side. Ripples, not waves.  Mack says no one will know they searched the bottles and tells Freddie to step aside.  They start looking at the bottle and Freddie pulls a gun on them.  Mack tells him to put the gun down, but Freddie wants to complete the job and go home.

May heads for the bay doors while Enoch follows her to stop her.  May is pretty tough, but Enoch isn’t human and barely organic.  They have an awesome fight.  Enoch only fights to subdue May, but May is out for blood.  She uses a fire extinguisher to injure Enoch, scraping off some of his human flesh.  

The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns before she can finish Enoch.  Coulson gets out of the car and tells May to stand down. She stares at him with no expression on her face. She knows he’s not Sarge, but he’s not Coulson either.  Coulson asks why she’s not surprised to see him.  He was dead.  May says he still is and walks away. 

Yo-Yo is having difficulty with her powers on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Simmons was able to sedate May and put her back in the healing pod.   Enoch hasn’t made contact with Mack and Deke. They are flying to the harbor so Enoch thinks they will be able to communicate better once they are in the air.  

Coulson blindfolded Koenig on their way to the Zephyr.  So his reaction to the Zephyr is priceless.  Koenig freaks out a little when he realizes he’s on a rocket ship and sees Enoch, the robot.  He thinks they are Martians from outer space.  Coulson says it feels like it sometimes and then asks that he take them to Hell.

On the train, Freddie asks Mack and Deke where they are from. He knows they’re not from his town.  Deke says they were sent a long way to make sure he doesn’t die.  He asks why and asks what it means that he’s a ‘thread.’  Mack doesn’t answer, he just reaffirms what Deke said. They are there to protect Freddie.  

Mack asks how Freddie knows he won’t be killed when he gets to the harbor.  Freddie says because he knows the woman in red was a friend of his father’s. And she’s giving him a chance to be something his father never could. They won’t kill him unless he does something stupid.  The train stops, causing Freddie to fall backward and Mack grabs the gun. Freddie says they are at their destination.


Koenig has a lot of questions and Coulson tells him everything. They are from the future and part of S.H.I.E.L.D., an organization that protects the world from evil threats…like Freddie.  Koenig doesn’t believe that Freddie can be evil.  

An alarm goes off indicating that the time window is closing.  Simmons says they are out of time. The Zephyr is preparing to leave this time period.  Unfortunately, they don’t know when their next launch will happen.  Coulson instructs Daisy to try to contact Mack to let him know.   

Daisy reaches Deke and fills him in on the time crunch. When he tells her that Mack is with Freddie, Daisy takes it upon herself to order Deke to kill the kid. She explains to Deke who Freddie is and what that means for S.H.I.E.L.D..  Deke doesn’t want to do it.  He says Freddie is just a kid, but Daisy orders him to take the shot

Meanwhile, Mack goes through the bottle and finds the vial of green stuff.  Freddie says he doesn’t know what it is, but Deke says otherwise.  He fills in Mack on who Freddie is.  Mack tells Freddie that he and his son will become part of HYDRA. Freddie obviously recognizes that name because he asks Mack how he knows about HYDRA. Deke raises the gun and says Daisy ordered him to kill Freddie.  Mack orders Deke to stop, but Deke is aware of how much blood HYDRA has spilt.  He lowers the gun anyway.  The Chronicoms show up and start a gunfight with Deke. 

The Chronicoms gets close to completing their mission on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The Zephyr loses contact with Deke and Mack. Yo-Yo wants to go on the mission, but Daisy tells her to stay on the Zephyr in case they don’t return in time.  Coulson gives Koenig a gun and Enoch asks to go with them to deal with the Chronicoms.  

Deke is the only one with a gun, but he’s out of bullets.  Mack runs after one of the Chronicoms and fights for his gun.  While Mack is fighting, Freddie grabs the green stuff and runs away.  Coulson and the crew arrive, yelling “Die Coppers!”  Mack knocks out one Chronicom while the team takes on the other.  

Mack realizes Freddie is gone and sends Enoch and Koenig after him.  Coulson tells Mack about the time window closing.  They need to get back to the Zephyr.  


Meanwhile, Freddie refills his gun when Koenig finds him. A car arrives for Freddie.  Koenig tries to talk Freddie into leaving with him, but Freddie shoots him in the shoulder. He says Koenig doesn’t know him.  Freddie gets in the car and leaves.

The Chronicoms realized they failed their mission.  One of them wants to finish off the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but the other says they’re out of time.  They leave the scene.  When Mack and the other realize the Chronicoms are gone, they leave too.  

Enoch finds Koenig and finds out that Freddie left.  He tells Coulson that Freddie made his delivery and the future is secure. They tell him to go back to the ship, so Enoch runs.

The team returns to the ship with news that they succeed in protecting the future.  Simmons notices Enoch is missing. She says they have to close the doors or the ship could be torn apart. The doors start closing and they see Enoch running toward them.  It’s too late. The ship jumps and Enoch is left behind in 1931.

Enoch is okay though. He’s making drinks at Koenig’s speakeasy.  Koenig says Enoch is hired on two conditions.  One, he wants to know more about S.H.I.E.L.D. And two, he’s fascinated by robots, er…Chronicoms, and wants to know more.  Enoch says his grandchildren will be just as intrigued.  This looks like the start of a marvelous friendship. 

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WOW! What a start to the final season.  So much happened in both the premiere episode and episode two and now I know why. 

It appears the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be jumping into different periods of time to stop the Chronicom takeover.  This will be a fun season. Full of action, a little bit of tension, and I just know my favorite agents will prevail.  Kind of reminds me of another time traveling team that’s just legendary.  Hmmm…

Ok, so two things stuck out to me. One, will there be a power struggle in the team?  We’re already seeing Daisy stepping over the line with Mack. I almost expect her to run to Coulson when Mack tells her No. Easy Daisy…you’re not a child.  And the second thing is Yo-Yo.  What is holding her back?  I thought the Shrike substance left in her body was breaking down.  Is it something psychological?  

And the biggest surprise…Agent May.  She seemed so robotic and cold.  I mean, May is cold and focused on the task at hand, but now she seems downright lethal.  May will be interesting to watch.

Well, it was good to see Enoch again.  I hope the Agents are able to retrieve him. He has a lot of knowledge and skills that they will need to fix everything.   I kinda want to see his adventures with Koenig.  And what about Fitz (Iain de Caestecker)? Will we see him soon?  

 2 episodes down, 11 to go.





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