The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are facing a monster they know nothing about. In “Collision Course” the agents team up with Sarge (Clark Gregg) and his team to face off against the shrikes. And Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are on their way back to Earth with a mysterious woman.

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Heading Home

FitzSimmons was on the brink of death when a woman named Izel (Karolina Wydra) saved their lives…sort of. She bought them from their captors specifically because they are Terrans.  They were able to find a ship to transport them to Earth. Luckily Izel also has a jump drive to get there quickly. Sadly Enoch (Jeff Stoffer) said farewell to FitzSimmons but gave them a transmitter…just in case.

The jump goes well and they end up on the other side of the moon.  The communication system is down though, so they can’t contact the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Earth.  Izel is just grateful that FitzSimmons is willing to help her.  Izel is looking for ancient stones, the Dealys.  She says the stones can move beings through time and space.  Fitz knows she’s talking about the monoliths and mentions that they’ve seen these stones. Simmons cuts him off, saying the Chronicoms took the stones.  Izel says she went to Chronica II, but the planet had been destroyed. She’s afraid the same thing could happen to Earth if she doesn’t recover her artifacts.  

Fitz asks if the stones originated on her planet. She says they were meant to connect life, but there’s someone out there who doesn’t understand that.  This person murdered her crew and now he wants to kill her because she knows the truth about who and what he really is.

No Deal

Sarge and Mack (Henry Simmons)are still butting heads.  Mack made a deal to return Sarge’s truck and his team if he helped them save the Zephyr from the shrikes.  Sarge helped, but Mack is modifying the deal a little. He tells Sarge to pick one member of his team, which he picks Snowflake (Brooke Williams) .  And Mack gives him Agents May (Ming-Na Wen) and Johnson (Chloe Bennet). Interesting choice. Sarge doesn’t like it but he agrees until a piece of equipment breaks down.  No worries, Mack will gladly give up Deke (Jeff Ward) to help him. Deke tried to bribe is way out of this one and ended up giving Mack 10% of his company and all of his S.H.I.E.L.D. tech. At least Mack won’t tell Daisy about Deke’s fantasy version. 

Sarge’s plan is simple. Go to the location where the shrike are meeting, wait for the creator and then kill ‘her’ with a sword.   He’s pretty confident that’s all it will take. Deke fixes his equipment and Snowflake takes a huge interest in him. She says he has a beautiful soul and she wants to see it bleed out.  Deke likes something about that. They leave the lighthouse and Sarge makes Daisy ride up front with him.  

Mack has Agent Davis (Maximilian Osinski) to prepare the Zephyr. He promised Sarge they would stay in the base, but he didn’t say the base would be in the air.  Mack asks Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) to stay by his side. He’s still a little uncertain about his ability to lead the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s a beast coming and it’s never what they expect. Meanwhile, Izel is in the cargo bay of the freighter, singing to a shrike.

Who Are You?

Daisy asks Sarge a lot of questions about who he is and where he’s from.  She mentions that his DNA is an exact match for Phil Coulson, but that doesn’t mean anything to Sarge.  All he cares about is killing the creator. Daisy assumes the shrike killed his family, but he doesn’t want to talk about that.  He says they’re gone and now he’s going to kill ‘her.’ Who’s her? Izel.

The Zephyr is in the air with Pax (Matt O’Leary) and Jaco (Winston James Francis) aboard and Yo-Yo has to give Mack a pep talk.  He has a feeling that Sarge didn’t reveal his entire plan. Benson (Barry Shabaka Henley) contacts Mack, saying he found something in South America. 

Strange things start happening to the crew aboard the freighter. One of the crew went looking for his friend but only found his puffies. When he asks Fitz and Simmons, they tell him to go away. 

Fitz asks if Simmons ever tried puffies. She tells him about her experience.  He says she was being sketchy like when she made him stop talking about the monoliths. She says there were three, but they were all destroyed. Simmons also tells him about the weird effect the monoliths had on everyone and mentions how the stone provided a beautiful wedding location. Fitz gets jealous of himself, because he knows he’s the replacement husband. Simmons tells him to concentrate on getting back to the base.

Snowflake makes a move on Deke as Sarge makes Daisy go to the back of the truck. Daisy is very uncomfortable being around him anyway. She thinks he’s keeping something from them.  May says part of her feels like she could trust him. Would she say that if he didn’t have Coulson’s face? 


Benson found an emblem of a woman with spikes around her head and birds flying within those spaces. Benson says the name Izel kept popping up in his research. Thousands of years ago, Izel escaped from the realm of Fear and Darkness. She tried to track down relics from her realm called the Dealys, to regain power.   He shows Yo-Yo a picture of the Dealys and all she sees is monoliths. Mack says Izel left a path of destruction looking for the stones. She destroyed worlds, but no one knows why.

Sarge’s equipment that masks his presence breaks so he stops the truck.  That’s when Daisy and May catch Deke and Snowflake together. Sarge attacks Deke for not really fixing his device. 

Yo-Yo attempts to get some answers from Pax and Jaco about Izel.  she asks if Izel is a demon. Jaco says they all have their demons, but this one they can kill.  At the same time, Sarge is telling May and Daisy about Izel. The last time he encountered her was on Chronica II.  He was able to kill her crew, but she got away. May asks if he destroyed the planet. Sarge says the planet was already dying when they go there.  They’re one step ahead of her on Earth so they can keep it from happening again. 

May ask what Izel’s motive is. Sarge says it’s hatred for all living things.  His motivation is also hate…and revenge. Izel took his family from her and he won’t stop until she pays.  May asks how he will kill her and he pulls out a sword, saying there’s only way to kill a beast. Daisy doesn’t believe him and asks what he’s hiding. Sarge turns things around on her, asking what she’s hiding and lunges the sword at Daisy. She quakes away, revealing her superpower.

The Tower

Sarge gets a notification that the shrike have reached their meeting place. As the last shrike arrives, the others form a circle. They all look to the sky and the crystal spikes come out of them all.  They create a tower that is only getting taller. The shrike draw their power from the Earth until the tower erupts, releasing a lot of shrike in the air to swallow everything up. They radio the Zephyr to let them know what could happen.  A ship enters the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s the freighter, but everyone assumes it’s the monster. The bad news is, FitzSimmons can’t send a message to let S.H.I.E.L.D. know that they are on their way.  More bad news, the entire crew of the freighter is infected.  

Pax and Jaco try to escape and Yo-Yo catches them.  They weren’t ready for her super speed.  Pax warns her that Sarge has an alternative plan.  He is going to set the truck to drive into the tower.  And there’s a bomb on board. The Zephyr is head straight towards that bomb.  Mack tells May and Daisy about the bomb.  They try to get the location out of Sarge, but he’s determined to kill Izel this time.  He locks them in the back of the van, leaving Snowflake behind.  After Deke freaks out a little, May tells everyone to start searching for the bomb.  Deke finds in a water tank, but now they have to find a way to diffuse it. 


Meanwhile, Sarge climbs on top of the truck where there is a large red circle drawn.  And aboard the Zephyr, Jaco warns Pax to move away from his jacket.  Pax looks down and sees a big red circle drawn in the jacket.  Sarge uses his teleportation technology to board the Zephyr. 

The freighter starts to land.  FitzSimmons realize they are all alone on the bridge. Izel and her new crew of shrikes get ready to land at the tower.   And on the Zephyr, Mack hesitates to make a move. 

Elsewhere, Enoch contacts another Chronicom anthropologists.  He says he is trying to gather all of the anthropologists to come up with a plan to preserve their race.  He is being hunted by the other Chronicoms.  Malachi (Christopher James Baker) wants to hold off on looking for Enoch.  He wants to go inside of FitzSimmons brain to find a way to time travel.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting intense. Something tells me we have no idea what’s about to happen. 




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