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Agent Carter, ABC’s mid-season show that plays in place of Agents of SHIELD, is not pulling any punches! Last night’s two hour event went for thrills, laughs, tears, and kept us all guessing all the way throughout!

Ana sustained some pretty unfortunate injuries from Whitney Frost’s gunshot, Jarvis went on a rampage that led to him and Peggy having it out, and Agent Thompson and Vernon Masters totally gummed up the works by actually showing themselves to be good guys in their own way.

It was an epic two hours.

And now, next week, we get the last two hours of the season and it looks like everyone is finally on Peggy’s side, seeing Whitney Frost for the truly global threat that she’s been this entire time. Fingers crossed we finally get some more definitive answers on just what in the world this Zero Matter actually is and what Marvel might have in store for this extra-dimensional energy.

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