• Disney unleashed the first official teaser trailer for Marvel’s Agatha All Along, which you can watch below. 
  • We also have key art and additional photos for your viewing pleasure. 
  • The series will debut with two episodes this autumn on Disney+. 

Who’s been messing up everything? It turns out it was Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) all along. Flowing directly out of the events of WandaVision, the highly anticipated spin-off Agatha All Along, starring Kathryn Hahn as the titular witch, arrives this autumn. But today, we got our first glimpse via a trailer and key art.

Agatha returned to black and white fifties Agnes form.

Photos courtesy of Marvel Television. © 2024 MARVEL.

Agatha All Along Trailer

The trailer for Agatha All Along promises thrills, chills and blunt-force trauma kills. Unexpectedly, our first glimpse at the all-new, all-different Agatha sees her living out some kind of True Detective-type timeline. But in the morgue, she sees a clue hinting towards the participation of the late (?) Wanda Maximoff of Sherwood Drive.

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Fortunately, Rio Vidal (Aubrey Plaza) is there to re-crack Agatha’s witch egg. As the trailer continues, things get exponentially more magical. This includes a Marvel Comics allusion that’s sure to get fans of the supernatural corner of the 616 excited. In dialogue, the Witches’ Road is mentioned.

The comic book cover for Scarlet Witch, featuring Wanda Maximoff walking down a road in the woods.

The Witches’ Road first appeared in Scarlet Witch (2016) #3. However, it was depicted in all of its glory by David Aja on the cover of Scarlet Witch (2016) #4, as seen above. An ancient and magical realm only accessible by sorcerers, it seems likely Agatha will have to reclaim some measure of her power before she can reach this destination.

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Will we see Wanda return in Agatha All Along? Will the Darkhold play into this story, or is it off on its own narrative now? Finally, will the show’s theme song be the gloriously show-stopping “Agatha All Along,” The Munsters homage from WandaVision? The answers to some of these questions could arrive with the first two episodes, which are scheduled to land on Disney+ on September 18, 2024, at 6:00 PM PT.

While waiting for Agatha All Along, you can catch up on WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, both currently streaming on Disney+.

Agatha All Along key art featuring the titular witch, title and "Revenge is a Witch."


An aerial shot of a group of people sitting in a dimly lit room, their hands hovering over an Ouija board.

Aubrey Plaza is dressed as a police detective, standing in what looks like a dimly lit morgue in the show Agatha All Along.

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