What happens in the post-apocalyptic world when all life is gone? After Us story takes place in this setting. However, it focuses on the spirit of life, called Gaia. The spirit is moving across the world, tracking down and salvaging the last souls to inhabit earth.

The opening scene is emotional, with the spirit trying to revive a decaying dog that died of hunger. Such emotional scenes are common throughout the video game. Adam Parker from NZCasinoClub.com explores the dystopian world of After Us to find out if it is worth your time.

The Feel of the Game

This 3D game lets you, as the player, take up the role of Gaia and direct it in the mission to revive life on earth. The 3D rendering of the game gives it a retro feel while at the same time offering a good sense of a world devoid of life. It has a good story behind it but modest actions. Therefore, it is not a choice for those looking for a high-adrenaline challenge.

The game feels like you are in a simulated world in a 3D casino game where you can change the angle of view. This gives it a more realistic feel. If you are a gamer who loves the casino, you may check out the 3D titles there and compare the rendering. Pick a casino that accepts at least 1 NZD to deposit as a minimum for playing their 3D games.

How Does Gaia’s Power Work?

Gaia is a being that has a life force inside her and is able to bring plants and animals to life. However, she can only bring one of them at a time. The game shows the impact of human activity on the world, which led to the extinction of all life in the world. Gaia must decide if human beings are among the creatures that she will bring to life.

After she sets out to bring back life to the earth, there is a hitch. The souls of the creatures that are to be revived are trapped somewhere in the spiritual world. She must travel around the world to watch the last moments of these creatures before they die so that she can bring them back to life. After this, she can set them free to populate the earth.

The Powers Possessed by Gaia

Gaia possesses a few powers. However, you can only unlock most of them as the game progresses. Some powers are only useful at specific game levels. The primary power is life. This power appears in the form of a glowing orb. Apart from bringing back life, Gaia uses the orb to cleanse the area in her vicinity, take down enemies, and push items away.

She is also able to climb special trees in the landscape, which in turn’ give her the ability to float over long distances. Gaia can also walk over vertical walls, glide, jump, sprint and surf. She collects some of the items along the way to get additional powers and complete specific missions.

All these powers are controlled by an intuitive control set. Beware: sometimes the character does not respond to the inputs quickly, causing falls and unnecessary deaths. There will be a lot of these deaths in the game. However, it has a checkpoint system that allows you to save progress; just in case the character dies, you do not have to start from scratch.

Collectibles in the Game

The main collectible is the dangling carrot. This will feature greatly in the gameplay. It helps the spirit find and interact with souls that need to be found while striving to get the animal spirit that crowns each level.

Memories are the second portion of collectibles. Gaia discovers memories when she uses her life to touch human souls. There will be these souls across all levels of the game. Gaia will come across statues, many of which yield a photo that she uses to recount the history of the person who lived in the area.


At some point, Gaia will come across human figures that are moving. Many of these characters are hostile and will be looking to suck the life out of Gaia. These statues are covered with some oil and have glowing red eyes. Gaia can use her life force to set these creatures free by cleansing them. In the moments when Gaia encounters the statues, an adrenalin-inducing combat ensues, which results in either the liberation of the souls or the death of Gaia.

Each level of the game conveys a specific message. The theme of the level is similar to the main animal spirit housed there. These levels are named after these spirits, and the challenges faced coincide with the problems the animal may have experienced at the time of death. For example, in the deer level, Gaia should dodge traps and outrun the circular saw blades that will be running after her. On the other hand, if it’s a whale level, harpoons will be the main trap.

This indie game is well-rounded and easy to play. The levels require players to meet each goal at a time. Most players have said they were impressed with the visuals, although they found the storyline too simplistic. After Us is available on Xbox (series X and S), PS5 and PC.

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