Wizards of the Coast, the American game publisher known for the table top RPG (role playing game) Dungeons and Dragons has a few new books coming out this fall. While many might be interested in the new Waterdeep campaign or traveling to the city of Ravnica, I could not wait to get Adventures Outlined. This coloring book showcases  the work of artist Todd James as he brings his punk rock style to the D&D world and monsters. 

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The pages are filled with stunning drawings of adventures battling against some of the most iconic D&D monsters. Some of my particular favorite pages (and the first I plan on coloring) are the mind flayer, the beholder and a few of the dragons. What really adds to the book is the addition of little descriptions of the images written by D&D writer Adam Lee. They did an amazing job bringing this book together and as you continue through it, you almost feel like you are on the adventure with them.

The construction of Adventures Outlined is fantastic with a bright colored cover and thick pages. It gives me the impression that each page will stand up well while coloring. I really want to try using markers just to see how well it holds up to them. The book also features over 40 different images that you can bring to life with your own creative imagination. The images take up an entire page giving you the opportunity to not only color the monsters and adventurers but also the backgrounds as well. It will definitely give me hours of relaxation when I run out of miniatures to paint.

Adventures Outlined will be available of August 10th at game stores and every where else on August 21st for $16.95. You can purchase your copy at your local game store if they are carrying it or online here. How will you enjoy coloring your next adventure?




Julia Roth
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