T.V.’s first Batman, Adam West, left us for the great bat cave in the sky on Friday.  In a touching tribute to the iconic actor, L.A.’s mayor and police chief will light a bat signal on Thursday, June 15th.  

In an event that will begin around 9pm (PDT) in downtown Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti and police chief Charlie Beck will project the bat signal on to a building that is as iconic as West himself, Los Angeles City Hall.  This, according to Deadline.  

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Though West is best known for his role as the caped crusader, he had a resurgence in popularity playing himself in  animated form in The Family Guy.  His dry sense of humor, deadpan delivery and fearless ability to make fun of himself will live on forever.  

West’s family requests that any donations go to the “Adam West Memorial Fund for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho-based charity for children diagnosed with cancer and their families.” 

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