On Friday, we lost the Bright Knight. At 88 years old, Adam West lost his brief battle leukemia. But he leaves behind a legacy filled with fun and humor. In one of his last performances, he gave us some more laughs.

Powerless was a workplace comedy based in the DC Universe. Recently, the series was cancelled, disappointing fans of the show. But DC and NBC have gotten together to bring this unaired episode to us featuring Adam West. As the character “Chairman Dean West”, he makes sure to bring one-liners and wink-at-the-camera moments that fans will eat up. And for those who remember, West lent his voice to the pilot episode as well.

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It has been terrible since his loss, but just seeing him in this role brings a smile to my face. As he brings a smile to all of our faces. He was the Bright Knight for a reason and we can’t thank him enough for all the fun he left us and will continue to give us. Thank you, Adam.

Check out the episode below and let us know what you think. Check in to Geek Girl Authority, same bat-time, same bat-website.

Erin Lynch