The highly anticipated trailer for the new science fiction thriller, Ad Astra, is here! Brad Pitt is astronaut Roy McBride, following in his father’s footsteps (Tommy Lee Jones) in space. Jones’ character disappeared during a mission to find intelligent alien life… or did he? 

Directed and co-written by James Gray (The Lost City of Z), Ad Astra follows Pitt’s character from a seemingly unsurvivable free-fall, to a mysterious global electrical surge, to an epiphany about his father’s work and a quest to save the world. No big deal. It’s cinematographer is Hoyte Van Hoytema (Interstellar, Dunkirk) and the trailer alone shows how beautiful this film will be. Gray shares writing credit with Ethan Gross. Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland and Ruth Negga fill out the cast.  

I’m not gonna lie. This movie looks good. We can’t wait for it! 

Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

Ad Astra is set to rocket into theaters September 2, 2019.  

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