Vanity Fair has put together a super fun video of actors from across the pond explaining English, Scottish, and Welsh slang. The video shows pairings or groups of celebrities, sometimes with an American, explaining the meaning behind certain slang terms. It’s all very funny and quite interesting. The celebrities include Henry Cavill, Emma Thompson, Simon Pegg, Hugh Grant, Idris Elba, Sophie Turner, Tom Hardy, Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Riz Ahmed and so many more.

Perhaps my favorite pairing is Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg. They play off each other well. Cavill, is, as usual, busting out of his shirt and is a good straight man to Pegg’s comedy. They end up getting most of the bathroom humor (literally and figuratively) and it’s hilarious to watch. Another great group is the trio of James McAvoy, Sophie Turner and Michael Fassbender. Even though they all hail from the across the Atlantic, McAvoy seems to be the only one that knows all the slang. It’s adorable. Idris Elba shares his knowledge on his own, but come on, Idris should always have the screen to himself. 

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Enjoy some escape time and check out the video below!



Audrey Kearns