“Our world is full of the unexplainable — mysterious events, unusual objects, and people who defy the tidy little categories that make us feel safe — and it’s always been this way. Which is why, for centuries, some people have tried to collect their discoveries into one place.” – Cabinet of Curiosities Podcast

In his brand new podcast, Cabinet of Curiosities, Aaron Mahnke (creator, producer and voice of the hit podcast Loretakes listeners on a virtual tour of the world’s unexplainable collections. Twice a week Aaron takes us on a exploration of the most bizarre moments in history and incredible coincidences that is guaranteed to raise your curiosity and make you want to delve into the stories further. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to start an unusual collection of your own.

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Aaron Mahnke is an exemplary storyteller. I can look back fondly on how many times Lore saved me from a boring night at work. So, when I found out he was developing a new show with HowStuffWorks, I was excited. My only complaint would have to be the length of the episodes. They usually run between 7 to 11 minutes long, which is nice. But with almost a third of the episode taken up by ads that are placed right in the middle it’s a chore to have to skip over them. Other than that I love the structure of the show. Every episode is a delightful surprise with a little plot twist that occasionally makes me laugh. It’s the perfect blend of history and weird and it’s alway fun to learn a new interesting fact. 

Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities releases two new episodes every week wherever you get your podcasts. 


Fallon Marie Gannon