Horror games will forever be my jam. There is just something about being getting my pants scared off that screams fun times for me. Which is why I can’t stop thinking about Crania Games’ newest asymmetrical multiplayer game, A Way to be Dead. This four-vs-one horror game takes place within the universe of their other game, Roots of Insanity. Players will get the chance to revisit and control Dr. Riley as he stalks survivors within a zombie infested hospital.

Players will be taking on the role of either Dr. Riley or one of his unlucky survivors. During matches, survivors will need to carry out different objectives alongside the other survivors. The various environmental interactions will intensify the gameplay experience. Each match will feature a random setup with pre-designed path to keep both Dr. Riley and the survivors on their toes. Players will be able to improve their characters using Therapy points that are gained by winning sessions. They will also be able to customize different variables in the match, including the amount of zombies, loot ratios and the number of exits.

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But what about the zombies?! They have an important role all their own in A Way to be Dead. As Dr. Riley, players will be able to use a special ability that transforms them into zombies for a limited time. In this form they will be able to hunt for survivors using special powers. As a survivor, it is possible to become a zombie, too. If a survivor dies, they will turn into a zombie and need to eat. Because zombies need flesh. The real question becomes “Will you eat your friends or try to take a bite out of Dr. Riley?” Either way, you are going to need to gnaw on someone to survive!

Crania Games shared the first trailer for A Way to be Dead to help us get a better look at what we can expect. The graphics, horror and gameplay all look so terrifyingly good. This is definitely going to be a must play on my list for this year. Currently there is no release date set, but it will be available for PC through Steam. You can add it to your Steam wishlist now. While you wait, I highly suggest checking out Roots of Insanity!



Julia Roth
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