Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks;When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one.

Fall River, Massachusetts was a peaceful place until the afternoon of August 4th, 1892. On one hot afternoon, prominent citizens Andrew and Abby Borden’s bodies were discovered by their daughter, Lizzie, in their home. They were hacked to death almost beyond recognition. Lizzie was suspected of the crime due to her suspicious behavior and inconsistent statements to the police but after a trial, the jury only took 90 minutes to find her not guilty. 

So, was Lizzie actually responsible for such a gruesome crime? Or was she the scapegoat in a plan orchestrated by an enemy of Andrew’s? Perhaps she was even attempting to take the blame for someone else entirely? In this reimagining of the classic tale, the film not only points the finger at Lizzie being the murderer but that she had a bit of help. 

Over the years people have seemed to step away from whether or not Lizzie did it or not- spoiler alert, she totally did- to why she did it. Why would a wealthy, 32 year old Sunday school teacher suddenly hack her father and stepmother to death? There have been many theories; she wanted the insurance money and the family home for herself and her sister, Andrew may have been forcing her to finally marry, and so on. In the trailer for Lizzie, staring Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart , director Craig Macneill appears to take a different take on the legend, that Lizzie and the Borden’s live-in house maid, Bridget, form a strong bond that eventually turns into an affair that results in a truly wicked scheme. 

Lizzie is set to hit theaters September 14th. 


Fallon Marie Gannon