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I had decided earlier this week to not post a word about Nicole Arbour’s Dear Fat People video on YouTube. The woman doesn’t deserve more views on that steaming, pile of self-absorbed claptrap that she tries to pass off as comedy. I, like many of my friends, have been doing comedy for decades – making a living from it – and one thing that any professional comedian/improvisor/normal human being will tell you is: loud and mean ≠ funny.

Yet here I am posting about this thing. Why? Because my husband, Brian D. Bradley, a professional television comedy writer, posted the following on this Facebook page right after seeing the video – and he nails it. He nails it so hard with a simple, succinct and uncomplicated rebuttal to her attempt at comedy.

I just took a moment to catch up on the controversy around Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video. In case you missed this little nugget, Ms. Arbour, some kind of YouTube comedian, posted a video where she rambles on and on about fat people and how they disgust her and how they’re terrible people for being overweight. You know… super fresh stuff. As a man who has been fat all his life, I didn’t get too worked up about it. Nope, I just kind of shrugged.

First, from a comedy perspective (the only thing I feel as competent about as I do eating my feelings), I am not impressed. Because, it’s just not funny. And not because my feelings were hurt (I’m long past that), but because it’s the lowest hanging fruit imaginable. It’s making fun of folks everyone already feels totally free to mock. It’s easy and trite and hack. But it’s also an example of the worst instinct you can have: crush others to elevate yourself. This is the “comedy” of frat boys and racists and Republicans. In other words, it’s basic.

The trick to comedy, Ms. Arbour, is not finding the weakest person in the room and loudly pointing out their flaws. No, it’s actually about empathy. It’s about acknowledging that we are all massive, swirling vortices of shame and glory. We are, all of us, reaching and falling all the time. And describing this predicament, pointing out our nobility and our folly, is what is truly funny. And human. And relatable. What you do, any thug can do. Any cruel, mean, dim fool can do. It’s not comedy. It’s just name calling and bullying. And it’s boring, lady. Super boring. Which is a far greater crime than being fat.

Also, go fuck yourself you addle brained turd.

Good night.

Note: I did not post a link to the video. To see it, you’ll have to do your own keystrokes for that.

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