Alright, Fillorians and Brakebills students, you may want to sit down for this one. Drum roll, please…we have an official trailer for Season 3 of The Magicians! Yes, you read that correctly. After months of ruminating and stewing, months of pining for even the teeniest bit of footage, we have something to savor for the holidays. The verified Twitter account for the SyFy magical darling blessed us with a trailer to revive our droll Monday. A smattering of magic to brighten our non-magical world. 

Now, it appears the stakes are even higher in Season 3, with magic having been zapped away courtesy of the old gods. We open with a forlorn Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) sitting, well, forlornly in a diner. Someone off frame asks her how the world is post-magical zapping. We hear Penny (Arjun Gupta) mutter “depressing” as he pulls Kady (Jade Tailor) in for an embrace. 

Then, Quentin (Jason Ralph) is seen trying to coax Professor Lipson (Keegan Connor Tracy) away from the ledge of a very tall building. She’s utterly beside herself with grief. “Magic is dead,” she proclaims prior to jumping. Next, Queen Margo (Summer Bishil) appears alongside King Eliot (Hale Appleman), and you know our favorite Physical duo is banding together to “figure s**t out.” Suddenly, a melancholy cover of “This Magic Moment” commences playing in the background and it’s more than fitting for this season. 

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Next, Quentin launches into a monologue about how “good” they had it before. Of course, they complained about all the things magic couldn’t do, but now they’re bereft of it entirely. We see shots of Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy). Meanwhile, the Fairy Queen (Candis Cayne) is holding Margo’s eyeball (RIP eyeball) in the palm of her hand and smirking. She should be renamed the Smirk Queen (I’ll see myself out). Quentin reunites with Alice on the street. Needless to say, things appear to be more than awkward between them now. 

However, despite everything, hope comes in the form of Julia (Stella Maeve). We see her emanating wisps of sparks from her fingertips, signifying that she still possesses magic. She tells Josh (Trevor Einhorn) that she can save magic. Then, Eliot is seen brandishing a bow and emerging from the forest in Fillory. He corners a peacock-like creature who bestows our High King with an epic task – one that involves procuring a certain set of golden keys. Of course, no one can truly do an epic quest justice solo. Thus, our gang of misfits will band together to save magic for “us little guys.” “That sounds like something I might really f**k up,” Eliot responds, in true Eliot fashion. I’ve missed him so much. 

Next, we see shots of the grand ship meant to take our gang across the seas of Fillory. Then, Eliot holds court in the Physical Kids’ house at Brakebills for a meeting regarding the quest. “I’m looking for keys,” he tells them. We see Julia holding up one of the seven keys they need. Quentin confesses to Julia that she inspired him to fight for something. Alice reveals that she desires for the return of magic more than anything. Amidst the dialogue we see curious devices and little bursts of sporadic magic here and there. Also, the much anticipated Alice/Julia team up we’ve all been craving. 

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Now, a trailer for The Magicians wouldn’t be complete without a Margo one-liner. “I’m ready to go full ’07 Britney,” she proclaims, followed by a shot of her with a wonky eyeball where her eye patch is normally perched. This is the version of Margo I never knew I needed. Then, the peacock creature informs Eliot that the task he bestows upon them is one they were born for. “Claim it,” he urges our High King. We see Eliot brandishing one of the keys. 

Alright, I’m ready for Season 3 of The Magicians. Give me all the witty one-liners, the magic, the beautiful shots of Fillory. All of it. My body is more than ready. Give me that blessed quest. I love me a good quest. Here’s hoping my girl Julia can save us all from a life without magic. Side note: I’m really digging the fact that The Magicians is following a plot from the books, but of course with a twist. It keeps things interesting and fresh.

Now, in order to prepare for said quest it’s imperative you watch The Magicians trailer below. Eliot, your High King, demands it of you. Otherwise Margo will go full ’07 Britney on you. Enjoy!

The Magicians Season 3 will air on January 10th at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate.


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