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The Wrap writer, Jeff Sneider, reported on his show Meet the Movie Press, an interesting tidbit that could lead us to who is playing Carol Danvers in the much anticipated Marvel film, Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel

“There was a rumour about an actress being up for it; an already existing rumour, that’s not new. I’ve definitely heard there’s some truth to that rumour, and that there’s a director with the same first name who has also been eyed. I don’t think that [an announcement] is too far off. If they can make it to Comic Con, they will.”

This is interesting because it gives us a bit of a puzzle to solve — look at the rumored actresses and then cross reference that with possible directors.

So, let’s see, what actresses have been rumored the most?

There’s Emily Blunt, but the directors named Emily that Marvel could go to don’t seem to have the same gravitas as a couple others.

There’s also Charlize Theron and Katee Sackhoff, but there are no female directors by that name, at least in the IMDB search that we did.

We found a couple possibilities.


Rebecca Ferguson has been rumored before. You might remember her from her amazing performance in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. A young, up-and-coming director named Rebecca Thomas received some attention for her 2012 fantasy/sci-fi film, Electrick Children, and is currently in pre-production at Disney to direct Chloe Grace Moretz in their live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. We all know how much Disney loves to keep their people close to home and how much Marvel loves to work with young up-and-coming directors, so she could absolutely be on Kevin Feige’s radar to direct Captain Marvel.


The other name is Kathryn Winnick, of Vikings fame. She shares a name with director and all-around bad ass Kathryn Bigelow, who won the Oscar for The Hurt Locker in 2008. She might be a bit too big of a name and an independent artist to play ball the way Marvel does, but we can all imagine just how incredible that film would be!


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