The Bluths are back with a new trailer for a new season of Arrested Development.  It’s been five years since we’ve had to endure the shenanigans of the most disfunctional family in television history. Ron Howard once again narrates and take a quick look back in Bluth history to see if we can figure out where it all went wrong. If you’re expecting any changes, guess again. I mean, these are the Bluths we’re talking about.

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Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter return as the ever so loving George and Lucille Bluth. In the trailer they inform their kiddos that they are receiving the Family of the Year Award. Gob (Will Arnett) is more than excited about it than anyone. In addition to the self-proclaimed award, a lot seems to be going on with the family. Lindsey (Portia de Rossi) is running for office saying she wants to be a part of the problem.  You know Gob always has something fun going on. And I’m not really sure what Tobias (David Cross) is up to, but I think he wants to be more like Michael (Jason Bateman).  Oh, I can’t forget about Buster (Tony Hale), who has a very scary upgrade to his hand.  

Arrested Development

Arrested Development – Pictured: Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth and Tony Hale as Buster Bluth – Photo Credit: Sayeed Adyani/Netflix

And of course, the kids have their own style of shenanigans. Maeby (Alia Shawkat) has gone full gray and George Michael (Michael Cera) does not like it. I may be wrong, but Maeby looks as if she’s up to no good. And trying to pull George Michael in on the scheme.  Hmmm…I could be mistaken. In all it seems like nothing has changed, except maybe the girl that George Michael has his eyes on. Remember when he and his dad were dating the same woman!?  Crazy times! Watch the trailer below.

Arrested Development Season 5 premiers May 29 on Netflix.



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