From the same network that brought you Carrier and Borrasca, comes a new sci-fi podcast that tackles topics from sibling rivalries to how we as individuals process time itself.

Created by Rhys Wakefield, From Now begins when the U.S.S. HOPE sparks an international frenzy when it reappears after being missing for 35 years. The plot thickens when the lone surviving astronaut, Edward (voiced by Richard Madden), disembarks looking the exact same age as when he left. Following the ensuing media chaos, he finally reunites with his formerly identical twin brother (Brian Cox) for a one-on-one meeting. But what starts as a joyful reconciliation soon leads to dark revelations that threaten their relationship and the very future of humanity.

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According to a Deadline exclusive, From Now tackles topics such as “… sibling rivalries and family loyalty, technological advances and the future of space exploration, climate change and human adaptation, and how we as individuals process time itself.”

The voice cast also features David Dastmalchian, Betty Gabriel, Jessica McNamee, Erin Moriarty, Lance Reddick, Elisabeth Shue, Karla Souza and Rhys Wakefield. From Now is directed by Wakefield and produced by QCode, which was set up by former CAA agent Rob Herting.

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Fallon Marie Gannon