Have you heard!?! For the first time in history, a meteorite has been recorded hitting the moon during a total lunar eclipse! And, it happened this weekend!  

Millions of people watched as the moon transformed into the Super Blood Wolf Moon during the eclipse on Sunday night. It was glorious. Most watched it virtually via live-stream due to weather or hemisphere. I had the privilege of seeing it in person on a clear night in Southern California. But, it turns out that the second of only three Super Blood Wolf Moons this century wasn’t the biggest story of the night!

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The biggest story was a meteorite hitting the moon during the eclipse! As the moon moved into shadow, many people saw a tiny white/yellow flash on the surface of the moon. After cross-referencing video footage to make sure it wasn’t some kind of equipment malfunction, Jose Maria Madiedo at the University of Huelva in Spain confirmed that the flash was, indeed, caused by the impact of a meteorite on the lunar surface!


This was not the first meteorite impact detected on the moon. But, it was the first during an eclipse. And the fact that the moon was darkened by shadow at the time of impact seems to have made it much easier to see the meteorite hit. According to newscientist.com, Madiedo estimates that the meteorite was likely somewhere around the size of a football.  



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