Though the world may be going through a collective health crisis with the Coronavirus pandemic, many people feel alone and without hope as quarantines and isolations are increasingly mandated across the globe. All that worry and fear has caught the attention of the TARDIS and that distress signal has been passed along to The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker). Doctor Who‘s twitter account has received and re-transmitted a message from The Doctor as she is unable to make an appearance at the moment; she, too, is in self-isolation – err, hiding – as she avoids an army of Sontarans.

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Words of Encouragement

So what does the Doctor Who heroine have to tell us from inside a closet? In short, to remain calm. She breaks down how she remains calm in “worrying situations” and hopes that it will help all of us. First, remember that no matter how dire the situation appears, you will make it through. Keep hope, essentially, that you will survive because “darkness never prevails.” Second, keep your humor! Tell all the jokes, “especially bad ones.” Anything to keep spirits up is a welcome distraction. Third, simply “be kind.” Being kind doesn’t just mean being friendly to those you happen to see while you are out gathering essentials; it includes looking out for those around you and lending a helping hand where possible.

As The Doctor says, “in the end, we’re all family.” Fourth, and I cannot agree more, “listen to science!” With a smirk, she also reminds you to “listen to doctors.” Everyone is quarantined or socially isolated for a reason, so please stay there as much as possible to keep everyone safe. If you must get out and about, keep your distance from others as much as you are able to. Don’t forget to wash your hands often! Follow the suggested guidelines of the medical professionals or scientists and all will be well. And, lastly, The Doctor encourages everyone to “stay strong” and “stay positive.”  That last point rolls the first two into one final bit of advice, which means that is something to take seriously. She signs off with a short “see you very soon.”

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See The Doctor’s message in full below thanks to Doctor Who Official.


Originally published on March 25, 2020.



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