Glimmer takes the throne, the Horde is attacking and there may be a spy in the mix in the exciting and at times, very funny,  She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fourth season trailer. 

Earlier this week we learned that Jacob Tobia was cast as the character Double Trouble in the series. Double Trouble is a non-binary shape-shifting mercenary from the Crimson Waste, who joins forces with Catra and the Horde. They are also able to transform into any person they see. 

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Check out the trailer below from Dreamworks TV. The Mermista spy part is extra hilarious. We also get our first look at Double Trouble!

After Queen Angella’s heroic sacrifice, it’s Glimmer’s time to take the throne. But her reign as Queen begins during the most chaotic time in Etheria. With Horde Prime’s arrival looming, the princesses begin to lose grip and a secret weapon falls into Catra’s lap. The war wages on in the all new season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, coming to Netflix November 5!



Audrey Kearns