We are in the thick of the holiday gift-giving season. And if you are anything like me, you are still trying to find the perfect present for some people on your list. Well, I am here to help you find a gift for those on your list who like to collect things, again like myself. The great things about collectables is that they cover nearly every fandom possible. Have someone who loves Star Wars? There are collectables for that. Is someone obsessed with video games? There are collectables for that! So here are a few we think you should check out to find the perfect one!

Funko Pops

These little figures are amazing and probably the most diverse of the collectables. Funko Pops cover everything from movies to music to video games to sports. If you can think of something, they most likely have a pop for you! Figure out your receiver’s favourite fandom and then find the pop of their dreams. The best part is that these are great gifts for those on a budget. The standard size runs about roughly $10 depending on where you buy them. Special edition pops or larger ones will be a bit more, but still a great price.

Three Funko Pops from sports, anime and tv.


When it comes to collectables for fans of anime, there is one brand that sticks out. BANPRESTO. The company has been around for years and has made a name for themselves in the collectable industry. I personally own several of these and they are amazing. They have figures from multiple different animes and are always on top of the new ones coming out. Which means those who have receivers that just got into anime on their list, there will definitely be something for them.

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YouTooz Collectables

In the same vein as Funko Pops, YouTooz Collectables are figures that cover YouTube stars and video games. These collectables capture moments and emotions to bring them to life. What makes them extremely special is that they are only available online and each figure is only available for a limited time. This means that once they are sold out they are gone for good. They are constantly coming out with new drops so be sure to keep a watch on the site to get your hands on some pretty awesome figures!

YouTooz Collectables.

Sideshow Collectables

Now, these might be a bit more on the expensive side, but Sideshow Collectables are perfect for the hardcore collector on your list. They have collectables from Marvel, Star Wars, video games, DC and so many more. It would take an entire article and then some to do their list justice. These figures are super realistic and bring our favourite fandoms to life. If I had to pick one figure that I think everyone would love, it would be the life size figure of The Child. He is the perfect gift this holiday season.




Julia Roth
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