It is December which means the holidays are finally upon us. This means non-stop gifting buying/giving and attending parties to celebrate with friends and family alike. If like me and both of these terrify you, I have you covered! A great gift to buy anyone, including those who really love them, are board games! They are gifts that bring people together multiple times a year for a fun game night and also make the parties you attend a bit easier. Just gift it and open it right away to break up that awkward silence or to save yourself from having to explain again that yes game reviewing is a job and you really love it. If you don’t know where to start, here is a nifty gift guide of board games that everyone will love!

Ravensburger Disney Villainous

It’s Disney and a board game, so double the fun right! Take control of an iconic Disney villain and work against the others to complete your task and become the best bad guy out there. The gameplay is easy to understand and since everyone has a different task they must complete, you have to always be paying attention to what is going on!

Disney Villainous can be found online through Amazon or at your local game store.

Blank Slate

Do you really know your friends and family? Well enough to be able to finish their phrase? Than Blank Slate is right up your alley! It is as easy as drawing a card of then using your small white board to write down a word you think fits the phrase. The goal is to match your word with the other players in order to score points! It is the perfect game for larger groups and will have you laughing at the answers your friends and family come up with.

Blank Slate can be found online through Amazon or at your local game store.

Autocomplete: The Game

Do you find yourself binge watching famous people go through their google autocomplete searches? Well this is the game for you and your friends. Teams can work together to guess the top ten autocomplete searches for the statements on the cards in order to prove they know more nonsense on the internet than there friends. It makes a great group game as up to ten people can play, if not more. Just don’t get caught cheating!

Autocomplete: The Game can be found on Chronicle Books website and Amazon.

Bang! The Dice Game

I know this list is supposed to be about board games, but Bang! The Dice Game is a fantastic tabletop game to gift and keep in your own collection. The rules are simple to understand and the game moves quickly even with eight players. Not to mention the mysterious element of not knowing who is who except for the sheriff makes friendly fire that much more enjoyable. The game box is small and makes for an easy travel game as well!

Bang! The Dice Game can be found online through Amazon or at your local game store.

Betrayal At House On The Hill

Work with your friends to unlock this old haunted house tile by tile, but watch out for its hidden traps and many secrets. The replay-ability of Betrayal At House On The Hill is by far one of the best parts of the game. With so many different ways to start the haunt and a different one depending on the room and the omen picked up, you are not likely to get the same one twice.

Betrayal At House On The Hill can be found online through Amazon or in your local game store.

Catan: The Board Game

Catan: The Board Game is a must have for every board game enthusiast. The  trading and building game promotes working with and against your fellow players. It is easy to learn and those who are able to master it are almost unstoppable. Unless the robber gets in their way. With the expansions, game play can increase to up to six people and keep the competitiveness running.

Catan: The Board Game can be found online through Amazon or in your local game store.

Dungeon Mayhem

Face off against your friends while playing a your favorite classes from dungeons and dragons. The card game is easy to learn and game play goes quick so multiple rounds can be played and classes can be swapped. Add in the expansion pack Dungeon Mayhem: Battle for Baldur’s Gate to shake things up and try out other classes as well.

Dungeon Mayhem can be found online on Amazon and in your local game stores.

Oh My God, Stacy!

Everyone wants to relive the 80s, just admit it was an awesome decade. Well now you and eleven of your friends can! Work with your clique to earn cool points, pull pranks, collect and steal gear from other cliques and in the end, rule the school. With the morning announcements changing rules, the game is always up in the air until the very end.

Oh My God, Stacy is available through Chronicle Books website and on Amazon.

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Julia Roth
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