Guys…tomorrow is Christmas. I wasn’t sure if you knew but I felt like I needed to rip that band aid off. So now if you are like me, then you know that you still have gifts that you need to buy and frankly even Amazon Prime can’t save us. But I am here to share with you some virtual services that will make pretty fantastic gifts so you can skip the gift cards this year. So let’s get going onto the gift guide!


So DNA tests are all the rage now and if you want to fight the crowds, you can pick some of them up at your local store. However, those take time to send in and wait for results. So in the mean time, get them the gift of family history. I have spent the last few years slowly piecing together mine (thanks Sweden for having weird last names) and love every minute of it. Ancestry has two membership levels, one for strictly US and one that includes the world. Depending on how much information your recipient might already have will help you make you decision. More information on gift subscriptions and pricing can be found on their website.

TV Streaming Services

It might seem odd but I know tons of people who still haven’t sold their soul to tv streaming services just yet. So let’s get them started now! Not to mention that Disney Plus just launched and is the perfect gift! You can gift an entire years worth of everything they have to offer! You can also gift Netflix and Hulu as well! If you have a fan of anime on your list, I would suggest a subscription to Crunchy Roll or Funimation. Regardless of what you get them, this is a gift that really keeps on giving. No need to leave the house to get the gift or even use it plus you can use this on your gift guide every year!

Game Passes for PS4 and Xbox One

Have a gamer you just can’t decide what game to get? Afraid a gift card won’t cover a whole game these days? How about the gift of a game pass? Both the PS4 and Xbox One have a game pass program that lets gamers access multiple games monthly. It is a great way for many of us to check out a game we just weren’t sure we wanted to spend the money on or find hidden gems. The PS4 has Playstation Now and includes hundreds of games from the PS2, PS3 and PS4. The Xbox Game Pass includes several different membership levels including one that allows play on PC as well.

Patreon and Kickstarter

If you have been living under a rock, Patreon is a website where people who create really any type of content can help gain funding for their projects. It is a monthly membership fee and the patron has access to whatever the creator shares. This is great if your reciepent has a creator they really love and wants to support but doesn’t have the means to. Similar to Patreon is Kickstater, where creators are looking for help funding their projects but not over a monthly period. Lots of board games have found their funding through Kickstarter, and many creators have tiers that reward their funders with awesome content.

No matter what you decide to get them, remember it is always the though that counts! This gift guide isn’t just useful as a last minute holiday gift, but really any time of year where this just happen to sneak up on you last minute! Let us know what other online virtual gifts make your list!

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