Blizzard Entertainment has brought us some of the most amazing games over the last several years. Fans of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo and so many more have seriously bought into the culture those games have created. Who am I kidding, I have too! Shopping for them shouldn’t be hard this Christmas, especially with this awesome gift guide we put together for you! It has everything from clothes, to books, to seriously adorable knickknacks that any fan would love. 

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The obvious one right? Have a friend that has never played World of Warcraft? Why not gift them the all of the expansions, including Battle for Azeroth, and some other awesome perks too? Since they get at  level 110 boost they can jump right into the action with you! Blizzard allows you to gift all of there games to friends, which makes great gifts that benefit you too! You can find all the games for the PC here or check out your local game shops for PS4 and Xbox One editions. 


Aside from the outstanding game play that we have come to love. The story line for their games are by far some of my favorite worlds to get lost in. Blizzard does an amazing job of helping to wind their stories together and really breathe life into them. The list of World of Warcraft novels is expansive and covers so many important events throughout Warcraft history. Two of my favorite must read novels are Tides of War and Arthas: Rise of the Lich King both by Christie Golden. Another fantastic read by Christie Golden is Before the Storm, the story of what happens between Legion and Battle for Azeroth.

Buying for someone that isn’t necessarily a book fan? The StarCraft comics published by Dark Horse are out of this world. Just released earlier this year, the StarCraft: Scavengers by Jody Houser are simply excellent and such a great read. Are they more of a fan of Overwatch? How about picking them up the Overwatch: Anthology? This book cover the backstories of some of our favorite Overwatch heros all in one place! This one is simply a must have for any Overwatch fan.

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No fan is completely without some pretty sweet threads to help spread their love for Blizzard’s games. Their own Gear Store features epic t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and even leggings that any fan would love to wear. This super adorable Pachimari ugly holiday sweater is by far the best one I have seen yet! Or how about picking up this Diablo Goatman Shirt? You could create an entire wardrobe full of Blizzard love.  Top of my list? The Azshara t-shirt that features the true ruler of the seas and queen to a terrifying old God. Another place to find awesome apparel, and one that you can physically visit is Hot Topic! They have a slew of superb Overwatch shirts including some holiday themed ones. The D.Va spray stencil would be the perfect gift for any D.Va main on your list.

Odds and Ends

Just looking for something to fill a stocking or something outside of the box? Blizzard has these Cute but Deadly vinyl figures of our favorite heroes and villains. You could pick up this super cute yet deadly Reaper or everyone’s favorite scientist gorilla Winston. There are also numerous Funko Pops to help fill the shelves of your favorite collectors too. When you just aren’t sure what to get, just check out the Blizzard Gear Store to find everything from Legos to blankets and so much more. This Snowball mood light would go perfect with these Overwatch blanket. No matter what you settle on your fan will be sure to love it!


Whether you are shopping for a hardcore Overwatch fan or a longtime World of Warcraft player, you are certain to win them over with any of these gifts. Of course there is so much more out there so don’t forget to share what you find! Also make sure to check back with us through the holiday season for more gift guides from your favorite fandoms!


Julia Roth
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