There are no words in the English language to fully explain just how inspiring Stan Lee was to people around the world. As a comic book writer he helped create heroes and stories that resonated with fans throughout the ages. They were down to earth and easy to relate to on so many different levels. He built the foundation in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe was able to thrive. We mourned his loss this year in so many different ways and truly embraced his memory and legacy. For his 96th birthday the ladies of GGA wanted to share how he truly inspired us.

It’s hard to imagine the superhero boom of the past decade without Stan Lee. He was a vocal supporter of not just geeks but people. The stories he helped bring to print were stories we could all relate to. These heroes were flawed, which made them like us and made them more powerful. And because of this, we can all feel like superheroes.
Thank you, Stan Lee, for everything you did for us. Excelsior! – Erin Lynch: Editor, Senior Contributor

Quite simply, Stan Lee showed me that being different is special. His characters made me understand that what I considered my physical and mental flaws are actually what make me unique and powerful. He told me I’m a superhero and I believed him. I still do. Audrey Kearns: Founder, Editor in Chief, Publisher

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When I think back to the beginning of the MCU and how far it has come, I think of Stan Lee. How years of his hard work, dedication and non stop commitment to his passion shaped what we know and love today. He understood that people have flaws and created his heroes with them as well. Through them I am able to see that while I have flaws, they do not define me and I can accomplish so much more than I give myself credit for.Julia Roth: Contributor

What I appreciated most about Stan Lee was his vision of the future. He gave power to the weak, a voice to the minority and a spotlight to the invisible. His characters came from all walks of life, including Native American people. Though the imagery was stereotypical, the inclusion was revolutionary. He put indigenous people in the narrative, giving them visibility and a place in the vast Marvel Universe. This is important to me because I had no heroes that looked like me growing up. I believe Stan Lee realized the importance of diversity for the sake of representation. He may not have understood the indigenous philosophy, but he did understand human decency. I am most inspired by this concept that all men and women, no matter the color of the skin, should respect and love one another. Mvto (Thank You) Stan Lee. Excelsior! Noetta Harjo: Senior Contributor, Indigenerd Wire



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