It’s hard to gather your thoughts about a show that’s been a huge part of your life for the last six years. It’s even harder for others when a show has been a part of their lives for the last 15. But as with all good things … they must end.

So, I want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you, Supernatural, for giving us this show about these two incredible brothers. While the motto was always “saving people, hunting things,” it was much more than that. It was about family. It was about forgiveness. It was about love.

It was about the challenges families face when trust is gone. It was about what happens when two people love each other so much that they make really, really, bad decisions. It’s about finding the courage to say, “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you,” even when every bone in your stubborn body doesn’t want you to.

It’s about how “family don’t end in blood.” It’s about the journey we make through life and the people we meet along the way. People we would never consider family until we realize that we have come to depend on them. Trust them. Love them. And they have come to depend on us. And we know that without hesitation that we would literally go to hell and back for them. We would kill Death. We would take on angels and demons. We would confront God himself.

This is what Supernatural is. This is who Sam and Dean are.

For 15 years, we have watched the story of Sam and Dean unfold. What should have ended after five seasons became something more. It became such a part of our lives that the show was given new life. The fandom turned into this worldwide #spnfamily. We vowed to “always keep fighting,” and we knew that we were not alone.

We had our ships like Destiel (or Deancas), Sabriel, Megstiel and Saileen. We analyzed and studied every single frame, every spoken word, every title card and every Instagram picture looking for clues as to what would or would not happen with our ships. We made our Tumblr pages. We uploaded our reaction videos to YouTube. We’ve made our case in our Facebook groups, our Reddit pages, on TikTok and on Twitter. We posted our fanfics on AO3 and our fan art on DeviantArt.

And even though we thought this journey was just about Sam and Dean, we let other characters into our lives. And these characters forever changed us. For me personally, it was always Castiel. An outsider who became a brother to them. A rebellious angel who defied the will of God to protect Dean (and Sam). Castiel was, and is, the epitome of courage, selflessness and unwavering loyalty. And yes, I’ve shipped Destiel since “Lazarus Rising” (4×01).

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But it wasn’t just Sam, Dean and Cas. It was about the other members of this enormous Winchester family. It was about Baby, John, Mary, Bobby, Crowley, Kevin, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Gabriel, Balthazar, Rowena, Jody, Donna, Garth and Jack. They all had a profound impact on Sam and Dean. They all had a profound impact on us.

Of course, we can’t just thank the show and the characters without acknowledging Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. Our own J2M. It is hard to put into words what these three have meant to me and to the fandom. Their friendship is something to be deeply admired and, without sounding really cliché, it is a life goal. The care and love that these three remarkable men have for each other is heartwarming and I am so happy that they have all been able to live this amazing life. And I appreciate that they are willing to share their lives with us.

They have gone beyond their work on set to give us more. They have done so much in the way of promoting and advocating mental health, acts of kindness, acceptance and civic engagement. Their positive influence has made us all better people. And for that we will be eternally grateful.

But while Supernatural is ending, it doesn’t mean it’s The End. We will always have each other, the memories and 15 seasons on Netflix (though we should probably get the box set). We will have our SPN Family at conventions and on social media. This family will live on even after the last “Carry On Wayward Son” plays.

Thank you, Supernatural, for everything.

Goodbye boys.

The family of Supernatural


This article was originally posted 11/19/20


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