We are coming up on one of the biggest gift giving times of the year and almost everyone I have talked to is pretty panicky. Don’t you worry though because this gift guide is for all the Dungeons and Dragons fans in your life. Don’t think you have one? Guess again folks because we are everywhere. I have found everything from handy dandy player handbooks to candles that can set any atmosphere. I promise these gifts will excite the adventurer in your life and score you a natural twenty!


While Dungeons and Dragons is largely the players’ and dungeon masters’ imagination and worlds can be built from the core up, many games are run through already created adventures. These hardback module books help tell the story as well as share all kinds of additional information about the world and NPCs players can find. My favorite of these modules has been the recently released Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. You can read our game review here. These books along with the Players Hand Book 5E or supplement books such as Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Volo’s Guide to Monsters make perfect gifts.

Does you player have all the books? How about Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History? This recently released tome contains all the knowledge a player could want. This book chronicles the founding and growth of this iconic game. Plus this makes a fantastic coffee table book to share with friends and family during the holidays. Have a fan that is younger? The 123s of D&D and The ABCs of D&D are delightful kids books that will help them learn too!


Game Accessories

No player is complete without a few key things to get the game rolling. Speaking of rolling, a great gift for any player is a set of dice! Or several sets really. Dice come in all sizes, colors and materials which makes collecting them extremely fun! Personally I have my eyes on a set from Kraken Dice, this one here in particular. They are simply stunning and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Have a player that just wants all the dice in the world? Start them off with the Wiz Dice Bag of Holding which includes over 140 different dice they can add to their collection!

Another tiny yet awesome gift comes in the form of miniatures! They really help build out battles and also gives a visual idea of what a player’s character looks like. Plus they are awesome to paint! WizKids and Reaper have some amazing miniatures that can be bought online or in your friendly local game store. If you are looking for something a little more customized, Hero Forge allows you to build a miniature using their software and some predetermined options. This personalized gift is sure to win the heart of your adventurer.


Not all gifts have to be for playing. Adventurers need to wear clothes you know! Who doesn’t love representing their favorite game? You should really check out the recently founded company Death Saves. It is a clothing company run by Dungeons and Dragons fanatic and actor Joe Manganiello and has some pretty superb artwork fans can show off. Plus they even have a shirt that includes the rules to rolling those death saves if it ever comes down to it. If your player also happens to be a critter than I would suggest heading over to the shop on CritRole and picking them up a Critical Role t-shirt!

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Odds and Ends

Not sure of a shirt, book or game accessory is the right gift? Don’t worry because their are tons of other stuff! ThinkGeek is my go to shop for smaller odds and ends or off the wall gifts for different fandoms. Their Dungeons and Dragons section does not disappoint! They have Beholder earrings, several different bags of holding, and a D20 scarf and beanie.

You can also give the gift of atmosphere with a candle or two from Cantrip Candles. These handcrafted candles can really set the stage for a bar brawl or even just help liven up a room. Their most popular candle is the Black Hound Tavern, a must have for its notes of whiskey and firewood. Another popular up and coming scent is the Den of Thieves. This intoxicating mix of smoke, red wine and aged leather really helps set the stage for a deal with a criminal mastermind.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great Dungeons and Dragons gifts! Don’t be afraid to get out, explore and share what you find! You may even discover that you have a love for dungeon diving too. Don’t forget to check back with us throughout the holidays for more awesome gift guides that you can find here!


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