It’s gift giving time! Let the stress of finding the perfect present ensue! Now of course, we are here to help make this time of year a bit less stressful by bringing you gift guides for the recipients on your list. And if one of those people happens to like repairing generators or tossing friends onto meat hooks for a living, I have the perfect gifts for you! The following guide is perfect for the Dead By Daylight fans on your list! Happy -gift- hunting!

Base Game and Chapters

Ghostface Chapter reveal Dead by Daylight.

If the Dead by Daylight fan on your list doesn’t actually own the game (whether on their current-gen or PC) then this is a great place to start! The base game provides players with a few killers and survivors to play so they can jump into the action! If they already own the game, the next best thing would be to grab them chapters they may not own. This adds on additional killers and survivors for them to enjoy! My personal suggestion? Grab them the Demise of the Faithful chapter or The Halloween chapter!

Dead by Daylight‘s base game and Chapters can be purchased for PC through Steam. They can also be purchased for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X through the store and for the Nintendo Switch through their store.

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Auric Cells

Dead by Daylight auric cells.

So you say they own the game and all the chapters? Well, let’s talk about auric cells! This is one of the types of in-game currency that lets players buy cosmetics. And we all know that the better we look in-game, the better we play! With a plethora of cosmetics to mix and match, the slayers on your list will have fun putting together their favorite outfits. The best part is that they can buy a holiday sweater for almost every survivor so they can spread the holiday cheer in the entity’s realm.

Auric cells can be purchased through the Dead by Daylight in game store with funds through the respective PC or console store.

Official Dead By Daylight Merchandise

Dead by Daylight official merchandise.

So you want something tangible to wrap and hand off this holiday season? Then now is the time to check out the brand new Dead by Daylight official store. This online shop has everything from apparel to accessories. Have a survivor main in your house? Grab them the Generator Sweatshirt to stay warm with. Or how about this Retro VHS Trapper Sweatshirt? It screams 80s horror movies! And of course we can forget the Mugs with the logo for those players who need coffee for those late night bloodpoint grinds!




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