With every twist and turn Blizzard has had an amazing cinematic to light our way especially now that Battle for Azeroth is being released in just over a week. Last Tuesday we followed the story of Sylvanas, leader of the Horde, as she marched upon the World Tree, Teldrassil. In a moment of spite, she gave the order to burn down the World Tree, home of the Alliance Night Elves, as a way to destroy their hope. This animated short was done beautifully and players throughout Azeroth where shaken to the core. Many believe that this was not something Sylvanas would have done, but that is a discussion for another day. On Friday morning we were introduced to another cinematic, “Old Soldier,” which follows Saurfang as he looks back on past events.

“Old Soldier” begins with a flash of Saurfang holding the body of his dead son, Dranosh, who fell at the Wrathgate and the burning of Teldrassil. This helps show a great comparison of two very hard moments in his life.  Atop the wall of Undercity, he is accompanied by the young troll, Zappyboi, who remarks on the previous events. Another Saurfang flashback begins as we hear screams come from the burning tree and Sylvanas standing tall watching over what she has done. Saurfang finally speaks out that what they have done has no honor and that the they will come for them.

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It was nice to see that Saurfang stood up against Sylvanas as many players believed that he would not at first. While it could be true that many members of the Horde are perfectly fine with where she is taking things, it is clear to see that Saurfang is not one of them. This can also be seen during the quest line through Darkshore as well when he refuses to bring down Malfurion, allowing Tyrande to save him. During the cinematic Zappyboi tells him about how his father would tell stories of Saurfang’s might during the Third War and that only frustrates Saurfang more. When Zappyboi finally says that he wishes to die with honor, it sends Saurfang over the edge. After removing his plate armor he begins his march towards the Alliance. 

I was unsure of what Saurfang was hoping to achieve at first. Was he looking to take on the Alliance as a single person or turn himself in for the crimes he helped commit? Thankfully Zappyboi had the foresight to follow him and in an amazing turn of events convinces him to come back. The Horde is all they have and they need to help protect it, even if it is against their own Warchief. This whole cinematic to me feels like the grooming of a new Warchief on top of seeing some great character development on the Horde side. We have been without a notable Troll since the fall of Vol’jin and Zappyboi really fits the mold we need right now. It also seems that Saurfang might be pushing to take control and bring honor back to the Horde. 


Julia Roth
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