Right before the launch of World Of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Battle For Azeroth, we were gifted two powerful cinematics, the Jaina and Sylvanas Warbringer. Back in early July it was announced that we would be receiving three of these cinematics. Aside from the first two shorts we got, they teased one of the Naga Queen Azshara. Her cinematic, Azshara Warbringer, follows the same comic art style and voice over work by the talented Laura Post and Darin De Paul. These cinematics have become fan favorites in the community and are a joy to watch.  The animated short was revealed yesterday at Gamescon 2018 along with other information releasing in upcoming patches.

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Now I really love the way Blizzard is creating new ways to tell bits of each story and the Azshara Warbringer cinematic is fantastic in doing this. In an MMORPG (multi massive online role play game) lore plays a major role and can sometimes be overlooked in game. Of the three I would have to say that it is a tie between Azshara and Jaina for my favorite. Lore wise, Azshara is one of my favorite non playable characters and when they had a whole zone dedicated to her in Legion, I thought she would get her time. However she was simply tossed a small dungeon as we went off the fight the Legion. Again in Battle for Azeroth we come face to face with her as she leads the Naga attacks in Stormsong Valley. Corrupting the leader she is able to control many of the Tidesages allowing her to hide the Kul Tiran naval fleet.

In the Azshara Warbringer cinematic we can see just how strong Azshara is, using her magic to hold back a wall of water that is crashing into the Highborne City. This is due to the failed attempt of using the Well of Eternity to bring Sargeras to Azeroth thousands of years ago. With its destruction, the Great Sundering occurred and plunged the Night Elves still left in the city into the newly built sea. Azshara still attempting to save her people makes a pact with the old god N’zoth. He states that he has been watching her and sees her potential. When she says no, N’zoth angrily reaches out to strike her, only to be stopped by her compromise. She will fight alongside him, however not as his slave but as a Queen.

There are a few moments of silence and then the screen comes back to Azshara. She seems to be struggling for breath however after a few moments she begins to writhe in pain. It is in this moment that she ceases to be a Night Elf and shifts into the Naga Queen we know today. As Azshara Warbringer comes to a close, we see the other Night Elves around her shift into Naga, a whole new army for her to control. We also learned that Azshara will be a boss in the second raid of Battle For Azeroth. You can join the fight by buying the game here for PC.






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