James Gunn’s Brightburn has been causing quite the buzz since it’s first trailer released back in December. This is due mainly for it’s twisted take on the Superman origin story, in which a couple discovers and decides to raise an extraterrestrial baby. But in this case, instead of our alien child Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) growing up to be a defender of Earth, he grows into a creepy kid that apparently has murderous tenancies. Fun stuff!

Yesterday, a new extended clip dropped that showcases a scene that viewers only get a glimpse of in the official trailer. In the red band clip we get just a taste of Brandon’s rage and powers as terrorizes a waitress in a swanky little diner. It’s complete with funky symbols drawn on the diner’s windows, lots of blood and potentially some laser eye action. Warning: there’s also some grisly eyeball gore that takes up about a minute of this clip. So, if you’re not a huge fan stuff like that (like me…ew), maybe sit this one out. Or just skip ahead. Check it out below!

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Brightburn debuts in theaters on May 24th!



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