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Heroic Hollywood is at it again, this time with a rumor about a certain Spider-Man character possibly making their debut in a certain movie about heroes fighting heroes.

None of this is confirmed, but if it turns out to be true it could be a spoiler, so read onwards at your own risk.

According to the site known for breaking stories, Peter Parker / Spider-Man is not the only character who will be making their debut in Captain America: Civil War. Apparently, they’ve learned that Peter Parker’s Aunt May will also make her debut in the film. Their claim to this is that Marissa Tomei was seen on set to film a few scenes.

News broke a few weeks ago that they had tapped Marissa Tomei to play the iconic role of the aging Aunt who lost her husband Uncle Ben and was left to raise Peter all by herself.


Of course, even if she filmed ten thousand scenes, there’s no assurance she’ll make the cut of the film. After all, Shailene Woodley was cut out of Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the role of Gwen Stacey after filming a few scenes. And Fox just released an entire re-cutting of X-Men: Days of Future Past called the Rogue Cut due to Anna Paquin’s character being cut out of that film entirely.

But still, the very fact that Aunt May could be in Captain America: Civil War, a Sony property in a Marvel Studios film, is super awesome.

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