We love posting about the amazing a cappella group Pentatonix here at GGA. You know what else we post a lot about? Star Wars (duh). So last night, when Pentatonix, along with a full orchestra, performed a medley of the most iconic musical moments from the Star Wars’ films, it’s safe to say many Star Wars nerds’ brains across the galaxy exploded like the Death Star.

Harrison Ford showed up to introduce Pentatonix. He also gave all a reminder of composer John Williams’ incredible contribution to film history. Oh yes, then there was a new clip for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There’s a few versions of the performance floating around but I enjoy the one below. This one features Ford giving us a sample of Williams’ most memorable works. After all, this medley would have never happened without the prolific composer! Enjoy the video (they start with The Imperial March!) and check out Pentatonix member, Kirstin Maldonado’s dress and Leia inspired hair! Amazing! The new Star Wars footage is below as well.

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