Star Wars is a massive cultural iconic film. Part of the charm of the film series is the incredible world-building it posesses. There are different alien races, religions, modes of transportation. Anything you can think of, it’s likely  there’s an equivalent in the galaxy far, far away. One of those equivalents is the world of gambling. Dens range from the opulent Canto Bight introduced in The Last Jedi to the more secluded places like Vandor introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story. And one of the most famous gamblers was Lando Calrissian.

The story of Lando Calrissian is a fascinating one. A man who came from close to nothing and made his way up to becoming the leader of a mining colony known as Cloud City. He even became a general in the Rebellion. Lando spent his youth smuggling and gambling, becoming an avid player of sabacc, a popular card game. Due to his skills (or skills at manipulation), he was able to win big – even winning a subtropical planet at one point in his life. He should’ve used Online Casino Bluebook in order to find out where all the big prizes were hiding throughout the galaxy.

But after meeting Han Solo and losing his freighter, the Millennium Falcon, in a bet – he hung up the smuggler lifestyle. He did his best to become a “galactic entrepreneur”. However he couldn’t shake his ways. Not completely at least. He bought a plot of land on Lothal from a smuggler, intending to mine for precious materials. Though when attempting to smuggle the equipment onto the planet, he was caught. Later he received a new ship after playing sabacc. You can take the man out of smuggling, but can’t take the smuggling out of the man.

He was making a living by acquiring and distributing rare and valuable goods – illegally of course until the deal of a lifetime fell into his lap. He became the administrator of a mining colony. After many issues, including getting in deep with the wrong crew, he was able to make a reputable and successful business at Cloud City. That was until a familiar smuggler showed up on his door step. He became entangled with the Rebellion and quickly earned the title of General, helping to lead to the downfall of the Empire. Finally, he had a name for himself – and one that wasn’t completely tied to his past.

What happened to Lando Calrissian during the rise of the First Order? We don’t know. But with his return in Star Wars: Episode IX, we’ll soon find out.