Wizards of the Coast is bringing together some of the most epic people in Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) for a three-day event beginning June 1st. The Stream of Many Eyes will help kick-off their newest adventure for this year and will include live plays, interviews, and a visual tour of the studio. The event is being hosted by Anna Prosser Robinson and will be live streamed on the Dungeon and Dragons Twitch channel. 

Day One – June 1st

Day one of the Stream of Many Eyes kicks off at 4pm PST with Anna Prosser Robinson giving viewers an inside look at the studio with the help of Nathan Stewart the director of Dungeons and Dragons. Afterwards, they will all sit down with the design team to introduce the upcoming adventure. To bring the day to a close, DnD groups Force Grey and Dice, Camera, Action! will play a live campaign featuring the new material.

Day Two – June 2nd

Day two is chock full of live DnD action. Dungeon Master Satine Phoenix is bringing the all-ladies bard group Sirens of the Realm. Next will feature the Rivals of Waterdeep, a new DnD group from Chicago that combines experienced players with newer ones to prove that anyone can play! Following RoW will be the ladies of Girls, Guts and Glory. These ladies are actresses living in the Los Angeles area who love to get together for a night of drinking and having fun. The final group to take the stage will be Dark and Dicey, the villains you just can’t help but root for! All the groups will be playing along with the new story line.

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Day Three – June 3rd

The final day of the Stream of Many Eyes really brings in the big guns! The day kicks off with a live DnD game hosted by Mark Hulmes of The Yogscast with special guests Matthew Lillard and Critical Role’s Tailesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson and Sam Riegel. Next, the entire cast of Dice, Camera, Action! will join together to bring an adventure of epic proportions. Then Ann Woll will be dungeon mastering a group of special guests including Critical Role’s Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray alongside Tommy Walker and Julia Dennis. The show will conclude with Jocks Machina! Our two favorite brobarians Travis Willingham and Joe Manganiello come together with some special guests for an all-tank campaign party hosted by none other than the DnD Creative Director Mike Mearls.


If you live (or are traveling) to Los Angeles during The Stream of Many Eyes, you can purchase a ticket to a live show on June 3rd for $200! The tickets include a walk through of the studio, a nifty bag full of awesome goodies, and a seat in a live studio audience for your game of choice. To keep up with all the upcoming announcements follow #SoMEDnD on Twitter. To purchase tickets and to find out more about the event, visit the Stream of Many Eyes website

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[Images courtesy Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons]


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