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Alpha puts Carol, Daryl and Company in a tight situation in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Hallelujah, Killing Eve fans! We were blessed with more news this week courtesy of BBC America. Read the full scoop below!

#KillingEve #SandraOh #JodieComer

This recap contains spoilers! (Because it is a recap!) If you're part of the #OutlanderAtMidnight crew, you've already watched #BetweenTwoFires on demand or on the Starz app. So did we!

It's Emond's Field! It's Bel Tine! See what you can spot in this picture! --- The #WheelOfTime Set Photo Reveals a Pre-Bel Tine Emond’s Field
#WoT #WOTonPrime

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