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The Dyna Soldiers find themselves adrift as discontentment is sown among them. Can the arrival of a mysterious new ally save the day? Check out our recap of this week's SSSS.DYNAZENON to find out!


In the season finale of #JupitersLegacy, How It All Ends, Walter faces off against an old ally while Sheldon and Brandon find themselves in a do or die situation.

In episode seven of #JupitersLegacy, Omnes Pro Uno, Sheldon and the others make the treacherous trek across the mysterious island in the past. In the present, Walter reaches out to someone from his past for help in their mission.

In the sixth episode of #JupitersLegacy, Cover Her Face, Grace learns first-hand how Sheldon's Code is affecting the younger supers.

In #JupitersLegacy's fifth episode, What's the Use, an autopsy of Blackstar unearths a puzzling object that links back to a member from The Union's past.

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