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We get a glimpse at Bloodsport's backstory in the new trailer for #TheSuicideSquad! Stop what you're doing because you need to check this out!

In episode five of #GhostTownKiller, “Missed Call,” Lilith follows a new lead and we learn that not everything is what it appears to be.

Rick attempts to forge a truce with his nemesis while Morty goes on a date in the season premiere of Rick and Morty. Check out our recap!

#RickandMorty #RickandMortyDay #RickandMortyseason5

Warner Bros and DC's new animated film #BatmanTheLongHalloween Part one drops tomorrow. Check out our review and see if you should add it to your must-watch list!

"Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet." --Anne Shirley

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