As a first-year student, college life is exciting and full of new things. You meet many people, make friends, experience partying all night long, get to know how it is to hire someone to write my college paper for me when there are too many assignments to cooperate with, and many more. However, when you are a 3rd or 4th-year student, the romance of college life seems to fade over time. You won’t find it so wonderful anymore.

So, we have prepared a list of books to bring the romantic and mysterious feeling of college life back.

Secret History by Donna Tartt

The novel sold five million copies in the U.S. and is set in a small college in Vermont, where nineteen-year-old Richard Pape comes from California to study Greek. Papen’s new friends – four young men and one girl – are intelligent, relaxed, rich, and so fascinated by an ancient culture that they regard themselves as almost a particular caste of its guardians. Their friendship, however, does not withstand the onslaught of the modern world. A murder takes place in the merry and close-knit company. Trying to comprehend after many years what happened, the protagonist daily reproduces his student life, the stages of his relationship with his classmates and beloved girl, and under the virtuoso pen Donna Tartt his confession becomes a top-class psychological thriller.

Gentlemen & Players by Joanne Harris

A centuries-old tradition, an elite school, the richest library, a classical education, fair teachers, and freedom. What will a child from a low-income family do to belong to such a world? What will a teacher who has given thirty-three years of his life to the School be willing to sacrifice? St. Oswald’s is like eternity itself. Though new trends may undermine it, it is unchanged in its heart. But one day, a man who knows all its secrets and subtleties appears at the School, and he has one goal – to destroy it, to avenge his past. Minor troubles turn into big scandals; a cunning chess game unfolds – a mysterious vigilante against the old school.

Cow Country by Adrian Jones Pearson

Charlie arrives at Cow Country College, where he doesn’t yet know what he, the special projects coordinator, will have to do. The tasks seem to be very simple – to get the college’s accreditation renewed and to throw a Christmas party on a grand scale.

In a maze of “discord meat,” a strange faculty, and a dubious set of academic disciplines, Charlie will have to seek not the most apparent exits, bordering on insanity. But Charlie will have to fight the bureaucracy: there are two opposing camps in the college, and their feud may prevent him from achieving his goal. One camp is the old-school meat-eaters, while the other is the new generation of vegetarians.

On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith tells the story of two university professors who are enemies. Belsey and Kipps, whose families turn out to be closely related. It’s a situation comedy unfolding in an academic cross-cultural space as vivid as Smith’s first novel, White Teeth.

In the house of Belsey in Boston, one professes ideas of the equality of all men, the unquestionable superiority of democracy, all fashionable theories about art, disdains the concept of wealth, and despises politics. In the House of Kipps, they talk about real politics, money, about economics. They declare equality a myth and multiculturalism a fashionable fiction. This confrontation leads to many tragicomic events…

Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu

The novel is about the spiritual life of the “educated” society in Kuomintang, China, in the 1930s, about the uncertainty of people in the future, about loneliness. The writer’s story – is a subtle satire on the Chinese intelligentsia of those years.

I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe

Charlotte Simmons is an intelligent, modest, and naive girl from a simple family, a straight-A student from a small town, arriving at one of the most elite universities in the United States. She is amazed to find that the interests of most students are reduced to sex, drinking, desire to show themselves “cool,” “hang out,” rather than to study and learn about the world, which is so interesting …

Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee

Because of a scandalous story with a student, the book’s protagonist, a university professor, loses everything literally – and work and society’s goodwill.

A novel-polemic, the writer’s answer to the question once posed by Franz Kafka – to be or not to be a man, if life has reduced him in the eyes of others to the status of an insect, whether to become zero or start from zero.

Stoner by John Williams

A peasant boy, William Stoner has an unexpected fascination with Shakespeare’s texts. Refusing to return to his parent’s farm after college, he stays at the university to continue his studies and teach. His passionate love of literature determines his decisions, actions, relationship with his family, the woman he loves, and ultimately his entire destiny.

We hope these books will not only bring the excitement of college life back but also help you relax and refresh your mind. If you are too overloaded with your study, you can always find on reddit essay writing service that will help you to deal with academic assignments, so you have time to enjoy your book!