Webtoon stories have become a huge part of my nightly routine. Once I’ve settled into my comfy PJs, I take a look at what series have been updated that day and what ones I need to catch up on. And with a reading list the size of some college textbooks, sometimes I miss out on new original series. So, I’ve made it a point to spend one day a week dedicated to checking out the new ones! And I thought what better than to share some of my new favorite up-and-coming original Webtoon series with you guys! So grab a snack and get comfy while we dive in!

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School Bus Graveyard

We are kicking this off with a thriller that’s first chapter reminded me so much of Dead by Daylight and The Blackout Club! School Bus Graveyard by Lilredbeany follows Ashlyn, a loner in high school who isn’t interested in having any friends. But a fateful visit to a haunted house causes her and her classmates to see monsters at night! She now must do everything to survive, including forging bonds with those around her.

Seriously, the first chapter of School Bus Graveyard was enough to win me over. Ashlyn and her classmates are running around this abandoned-looking town and junkyard, being chased by who knows what kind of phantom creature. It opens up so many questions about what these things are, why they are being chased and what happens if they get caught! Jump on this one quick if you love horror in your reads!

School Bus Graveyard updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Ashlyn and her friends hiding from the phantoms in School Bus Graveyard Webtoon series.

Ashlyn and her friends hiding from the phantoms in School Bus Graveyard.

Madame Outlaw

The year is 1842 and Estelle is ready to marry her brother’s killer in order to steal his coveted map of the Oregon Trail. Madame Outlaw by Alya Rehman and art from Junk Ren is a wild nationwide adventure that takes Estelle and her evergrowing band of criminals across the country to the West. A place where Estelle can be free of the oppressive aristocracy she left behind. But Thaddeus isn’t about to let her get away with any of this.

I am a sucker for a historical tale with a strong female lead and Estelle has that and so much more. In the first few chapters, Madame Outlaw has already shown that it is all about breaking away from the mold as this band of misfits try to escape their past and expectations. All of the characters we have met so far are fantastic and I find myself just waiting to learn more about their past and their future.

Madame Outlaw updates every Friday and can be read here!

Estelle in Madame Outlaw Webtoon series.

Estelle in Madame Outlaw.

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A Useless Villain

Jumping into the action genre, we have A Useless Villain by Yeoul and ODI. It follows high school student Dongjin Kim, a typical moody teenager who happens to be a powerful psychic “villain” who needs to destroy humanity. But something or someone is standing in his way of becoming the greatest “villain” ever by undoing all the horror he has caused by sending him back in time. Dongjin decides to figure this all out to do the only thing he is good at – killing people.

This isn’t a heartwarming coming-of-age high school take. Oh no. A Useless Villain is definitely not for the faint of heart or those who are easily queasy or don’t like the sight of blood. Dongjin so far isn’t a real likable main character – I mean, he kills everyone constantly. But he is intriguing. How do his powers work? Who is turning back time? Will he get an eventual redeeming arc where he saves people? I’m fully invested in this and I need to know more!

A Useless Villain updates every Monday and can be read here!

Dongjin Kim in A Useless Villain Webtoon series.

Dongjin Kim in A Useless Villain.

Lady Knight

Lion Illustration is back with Lady Knight! And we here at GGA stan a strong female lead which means this Webtoon is right up our alley. Aurora is a young orphan who is a bit of an outcast until she learns one night that she was marked with a terrible curse. Now she is summoned to train at an elite academy in order to control her dangerous abilities. But that isn’t her only struggle, Aurora happens to be the first and only female chosen and the others aren’t taking it well.

If you loved the Webtoon House of Stars, then read this. End of story. Okay, maybe not the end, but it’s a great selling point. Both series are done by the fantastic Lion Illustration and the art styles are very similar. Lady Knight shot out of the gate running and has no plans on slowing down. There is so much to learn about Aurora and the other cursed children and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is going on in this world. Get comfy because this is going to be a wild ride.

Lady Knight updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Aurora sneaking food into the prison in lady Knight Webtoon series.

Aurora sneaking food into the prison in lady Knight.

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There Must Be Happy Endings

If you could change the past, would you? In There Must Be Happy Endings, adapted for Webtoon from Flada‘s original work by Jaerim and Bulsa, Yeonu is given that option. On the day her marriage contract ended, she witnesses her ex-husband die in front of her eyes. In a twist of fate, she is sent back 100 days to the moment she decided to walk away. Can they do things differently this time around and get their happy ending?

I wasn’t entirely sold on There Must Be Happy Endings when I first saw the advertisement on Webtoon. However, this story drew me into a web of mysteries that needs to be uncovered. Yeonu and Seonjae may not have married for love at first, but I have a feeling their story is going to be one of my favorites. This isn’t an overly serious romance which is great seeing the characters take themselves less seriously as time goes on.

There Must Be Happy Endings updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Seonjae and Yeonu in There Must Be Happy Endings Webtoon series

Seonjae and Yeonu in There Must Be Happy Endings

When Jasy Whistles

CibelesWhen Jasy Whistles is a Webtoon that brings to life a myth from Paraguay. The story follows Hela, a girl who never put too much faith in the old stories. However, when her best friend disappears, things changed. Apparently kidnapped by the legendary Jasy Jatere, Hela makes a deal with the demigod and learns that the old world is not as dead as she had thought.

I love Webtoons that introduce readers to stories from countries around the world. It was one of the main reasons I was drawn to When Jasy Whistles originally. But the story has become so much more in just a few chapters. Hela grew up as the Chieftan’s granddaughter and feels that she is responsible for keeping the tribe alive when she takes over the role. This story isn’t just about a myth but dives into the feelings and emotions of Hela struggling to keep her old life together.

When Jasy Whistles updates every Thursday and can be read here!

Hela and Rodrigo playing with sparklers in When Jasy Whistles Webtoon series.

Hela and Rodrigo playing with sparklers in When Jasy Whistles.

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Moonlight Beauty Parlor

Nawa knows the importance of relaxing before bed! In their series Moonlight Beauty Parlor, there is a late-night spa that specializes in helping clients relax after a long day’s work. After losing her job and having her house burn down, Ina Yun finds herself working there part-time and living in the studio above. But there is a catch. She needs to help Hyeondu, the spa’s owner, fall asleep each night!

Moonlight Beauty Parlor is one of those stories that just has you feeling all warm inside. Ina Yun goes through quite a bit in the first few chapters and you get the sense that she is always determined to work as hard as possible. This, of course, is a big contrast to Hyeondu, who is all about helping others relax and live stress-free. I’m so delighted to see how the two rub off on each other!

Moonlight Beauty Parlor updates every Saturday and can be read here!

Ina thanking Hyeondu for helping her relax in Moonlight Beauty Parlor webtoon series.

Ina thanking Hyeondu for helping her relax in Moonlight Beauty Parlor.


In Kidults by Hahim, five childhood friends promise to always stay together even after they become adults. However, life isn’t always that simple and by the age of 24, the group is facing pivotal moments into their journey into adulthood. They are each trying to carve their own paths while also lending each other a helping hand. And to top it all off, feelings begin to blossom where there was once only friendship.

We’ve all had those friends from school that we swore we would spend the rest of our lives with. And if you are lucky, it really does happen. Kidults is such a heartwarming story that shows that while it can, things naturally happen to pull people apart. The dynamics between the characters as they grow together and apart is heartwarming while also pulling at your heartstrings and things are just getting started.

Kidults updates every Monday and can be read here!

Dabin, Jaeha, Taehyeon, Sehui, and Hanbin in Kidults Webtoon Series.

Dabin, Jaeha, Taehyeon, Sehui and Hanbin in Kidults

This article was originally published on 8/8/21.

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