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It’s no secret that not everybody was a fan of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a wide variety of reasons. And you know what — that’s okay, because some people really loved it. For every glaring plot hole and convenience and out-of-character moment that the film had, it also had some really great fight scenes and really fun ideas working right under the surface of the film.

batman v superman

That being said, love the film or hate it, this 8-bit animation done by youtube channel BitCine, will have you reliving the film, from the opening sequence with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) running through the streets of a Metropolis under siege and Superman saving astronauts to Batman’s “Knightmares” and their epic showdown in that abandoned building in Gotham that ended with their Martha-inspired friendship — it’s all here.

They even have a final boss fight between Doomsday and Wonder Woman!

BitCine has a LOT more stuff on their channel, including a Deadpool one that is really short, but really good, which leaves you begging them to do a much longer version.

Thanks to Comicbook.com for finding this gem!

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