Thrill seekers know that watching horror movies and TV shows is the best way to fulfill their craving for adrenalin. In 2019, there have been many great TV shows in the horror or thriller categories. These shows are available on different platforms like on television, streaming and Youtube.

So let’s begin our journey of the 8 Best Horror TV Shows of the Year 2019!

1. Kingdom

Available on Netflix, Kingdom is a South Korean TV show. It is based on Land of the Gods and is a medieval period drama. The story starts with a crown prince as the lead character, who is sent on a mission. It involves investigating a situation that is destroying his country.

2. Black Summer

If you love zombies and everything related to them, then this particular TV show is worth watching. Black Summer is also available on Netflix and is based around drama pertaining to the zombie apocalypse. It is a story about a mother and daughter who have been separated. And how the mother stops at nothing to find her kid.

3. Love, Death, and Robots

Netflix is on a roll for producing the highest number of horror TV shows this year. Love Death and Robots is an animated American television series. It is made of numerous short stories that include categories like fantasy, horror, fiction, and comedy.


4. The Twilight Zone

This particular TV show is based on a television series that dates back to 1959. This one is a reboot of the original TV show. It can be seen on CBS All Access and includes thought provoking stories.

5. The Passage

If you want to watch a TV show that is a combination of horror and drama, then this is worth considering. The Passage is based on a novel that was written by Justin Cronin. According to the series, a group of inmates who are on death row turn into vampires due to a failed government experiment.

6. Lovecraft Country

It is a drama television series that involves a road trip amongst a couple and his friends. During the trip, the group comes across terrifying monsters. The television show beautifully takes you through the journey by giving you a genuine rush of adrenaline.

7. NOS4A2

The next on our list of top 8 is an American television series that is a combination of supernatural, horror, and drama categories. It is based on the novel by Joe Hill and highlights the supernatural ability of the characters to unlock portals. The story starts with an immortal evil kidnapping innocent kids.

8. Swamp Thing – DC Universe

Even though this DC Universe television series is not yet premiered, it is set to stream in May 2019. It is based on Gothic romance where a scientist transforms into a swamp thing. The main lead of the television series turn towards investigating a deadly virus and the story goes on.

These are just a few of the most popular horror television show from 2019. Most of them are available online through streaming, which is why saving them for later is also possible. Especially if you are in love with the show and want to binge watch it time and again.