The video game genre does not stand still and moves forward with seven-league steps. Having tested the bloody action games, nobody will be afraid of games with some scary moments. Although there are all kinds of evil, it can’t cause real horror. No one is afraid of ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and vampires. We have known these images for a long time and know how to fight them. Put aside studying essay writing service reviews and shift your attention to more interesting things.

Gone Home

“Gone Home” is an adventure game developed by Fullbright for the PC platform. The game follows a young girl, Caitlin Greenbriar, who came back a long journey through Europe back to America. While she was out, her family managed to move to uncle Oscar’s house, a well-known psychopath in the county. The family seat meets Caitlin with dark windows and a note from her younger sister Samantha, who has disappeared in an unknown direction.

It’s more interactive than a full-fledged game, so you just walk looking through the objects, opening new locations on the map. There are no complete puzzles in the game. All the secret moves are automatically marked on the map after reading the next diary.

Maniac Mansion 

It’s a horror quest. The action takes place in a gloomy Gothic mansion, where you can see a bloody chainsaw hanging in the kitchen, and an innocent hamster can be roasted alive in the microwave oven. In the game’s plot, a group of teenagers fights with a mad scientist and a giant alien tentacle. And if you go all the way, you will find that one of the ends involves the nuclear reactor explosion.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

This game differs in that not people are trying to expel monsters from the city, but quite the opposite. The game is full of action puzzles with a ghost, ridding the city of annoying people. The disposal method is moving into objects that frighten people and make them run. Do you feel that this game can capture you completely? In that case, don’t forget to look over an essay service review to make sure you have found the right company to trust to complete your college assignment.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

At the beginning of the game, you take control of Richter Belmont before his battle with Dracula. After defeating Dracula, a new story comes. Four years later, Richter disappeared, and Castlevania appeared from out of the mist. The people in Transylvania are in a panic as nobody can kill Dracula. Thus, Maria Renard decides to find her old friend and partner. 

Meanwhile, the Dracula’s son, Alucard, wakes up from his long sleep. Now it’s he who will fight against evil forces and find out the reason for the mysterious vampire castle appearance. Alucard, Richter, Maria are attractive and charismatic characters. The plot is nonlinear and keeps the intrigue to the end.

The Room Series

Good-quality puzzles will always be in fashion. This game is a set of several levels-rooms. Passing each room, your attention is focused on items that are on the table. A huge casket is a kind of improvised “Pandora’s Box” containing a number of secret compartments and shutters. You just need to twist and turn it finding new secret loopholes and hints to advance to the great goal of opening the locked box. 

Do you think it’s simple? Well, if you want to succeed, you need to be very attentive and patient. Thus, it will be worth to go through essaypro reviews and join the rows of straight-A students, having ordered an essay to clear your schedule and play this amazing game! 

Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune is a sweet and touching story about an eight-year-old girl looking for eternal happiness for her mother. The little girl hears a mysterious voice promising an incredible gift if she listens to it and plays a very exciting and dangerous game. The adventure starts with simple tasks, like leaving home or playing with a puppy, but the threat level is constantly growing, and you realize that that ingratiating voice-over wants the girl to get into trouble. 

Leaving home, the girl meets a fox drawing mysterious signs on the ground, people walking in fancy costumes, and posters with images of missing children are hung around the city.

Monster Prom

Monster Prom is a multiplayer visual novella with elements of a dating simulator, designed for four players. The game events are unfolding in the high school for monsters, where you have to achieve the cherished date before your rivals do it. At the beginning of each round, all players fill out an unusual questionnaire and get a unique character with some abilities.

The game is designed as a visual novel, so it becomes even more interesting to know how developers implemented their idea. They say that players will plunge into the world of high school for monsters, full of selfies, dating apps, discos, love triangles, etc.