The Nintendo Switch plays host to some of my favorite exclusive video game franchises on the market, but the grass is always greener on the other side and there are some PC games whose play styles would absolutely slap to play on the Switch. Many games that made their debut on PC through Steam or comparable other sites often find their way onto other systems, but there are some locked-on computers I wish would port over.

I can already hear the PC bros telling me to suck it up and buy a Steam Deck for portable play, or better yet invest in a custom-built computer but with the scarcity of parts that isn’t an option for all, and I own a Switch now! This is not a problem unique to me either as you are here too, ready for this list. Now to just hope the game developers see our wishes and release them to us! 

Raft (2018)

Raft is a survival game by developer Redbeet Interactive and Axolot Games with a cooperative gameplay style that took the internet by storm. You play as a survivor adrift in the ocean gathering supplies to build up the debris you are on from bare raft to floating fortress. This is the game I want the most, but fear has the smallest chance of making to leap because a knockoff beat it to the port. If sharks, exposure or hunger don’t get you, the march of capitalism will. We hope it won’t just stay on the Steam forever.

You can find more about Raft on Steam here!

Papers Please (2013)

Papers Please is a document processing simulator by developer Lucas Pope. The gameplay style doesn’t sound too exciting, it’s literally pushing paperwork, but it is the setting and multi-ended story that draws players in. You play as a clerk at a border checkpoint and discover the ongoing events of the dystopian world through conversations with the NPCs. The game is easy to pick up and put down making it ideal for the Switch. 

You can find more about Papers Please on Steam here!

Inscryption (2021)

Inscryption by Daniel Mullins Games is difficult to describe and harder still to explain, but trust me when I say more people need this game. The main aspects of it are comprised of one part deck-building card game, one part escape room and one part CD mystery. There has been a lot of coverage around this game, as horror games often get, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it make its way to consoles soon!

You can find more about Inscryption on Steam here!

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Fran Bow (2015)

Fran Bow by Killmonday Games AB is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny. The use of mixed media and uber-creepy tones make this one a game you won’t soon forget (even in your dreams). The sister game to this, Little Misfortune, has already made it to the Nintendo Switch so hopefully, this one will follow!

You can find more about Fran Bow on Steam here!

Not Tonight (2018)

4/9/22 CORRECTION: No More Robots’ Not Tonight IS on Switch. Excuse us while we go play!

Not Tonight by developer No More Robots and PanicBarn puts you in the leather studded boots of a nightclub bouncer. It is an ID checking simulator that will have you taking jobs, managing drunken patrons and kicking ass if needed. 

You can find more about Not Tonight on Steam here!

Before Your Eyes (2021)

Before Your Eyes by Skybound Games will most likely end up on other consoles after it’s successful launch year, but it would absolutely slap on Switch. Embark on an emotional first-person narrative adventure where you control the story—and affect its outcomes—with your real-life blinks. Amazing right? This kind of emotional gameplay would be right at home on the Switch for sure!

You can find more about Before Your Eyes on Steam here!

Bad End Theatre (2021)

In Bad End Theatre by Nomnomnani, life is a tragedy. This branching adventure game is only bad endings, nothing else. It is a visual novel at the core with several woefully doomed protagonists to choose from and unhappy stories to explore. Visual novels do well on the Switch in general, but the way the branching storylines and plug-and-play gameplay style are set up is ideal for Switch. Is it morose? Yes. Would it slap on Switch? Hell yes.  

You can find more about Bad End Theatre on Steam here!

Did we miss something you’ve been longing to play on the go? Which game do you yearn to play on the Switch from this list? Tell us in the comments below!


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