You may have learnt a trick or two of how to win at the casinos via various online contents. But, have you considered watching movies Casino movies will not only inspire and motivate you; you may also learn a few tricks to improve your game. Apart from that, although movies are, of course, make-believe, they also offer in-depth knowledge of what goes on in the real world.

Here’s a good list of casino movies for you to check out.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This is a classic casino movie with so much action and exciting scenes. This movie is based on the famous novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson. Johnny Depp plays the lead role and plays it with so much enthusiasm as usual. This movie is a wild ride and holds up incredibly well.  Although during its release it received a lot of criticism, but now, after so many years it has become a cult classic for most movie lovers.



This is another must-watch classic casino movie. Casino portrayed the posh Las Vegas lifestyle and all the razzmatazz that goes on in the city. The anti-hero role was played by Robert De Niro. It also features other notable actors like Sharon Stone, Joe Pecsi, etc. The movie depicts the activities in the famous novel “Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas”. Casino is a 1996 movie.


Casino Royale

If you are not a fan of the James Bond movie franchise, Casino Royale will change your view. This movie is the remake of the original version released in 1967. It is more modern and captivating. The lead role is played by Daniel Craig. Craig plays the role of a secret agent 007 who tries to thwart the activities of notorious financial terrorists. It was released in 2006.


Ocean’s Eleven

Are you looking for a heist casino movie? Here you have it, Ocean’s Eleven! The cast of this movie is amazing. Some of the notable actors in this movie are George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and so on. George Clooney’s character plans the biggest heist in the history of America. To achieve this feat, he had to bring together like minds. Did they achieve their plan? You have to watch it find out!


The Gambler

Check out “The Gambler”. It is another thriller. In this 2014 epic movie, Mark Wahlberg plays the role of a literature professor. He gets addicted to gambling and ends up borrowing a lot of cash. He managed to pay up his debt and he came back for revenge. However, this time he is not alone. He had to recruit one of his brilliant students. How did it end? Maybe not the way it should have.


Hard Eight

Hard Eight is another classic casino movie. It was released in 1996 to high expectations. Movie lovers were not disappointed. It stars actors like Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie is about a professional gambler who teaches a novice how to play casino games. Their relationship was perfect until a beautiful woman came along.



Clive Owen plays the role of a writer who struggles to make a living. He had no choice than to take up the job of a croupier at the casino. He got inspired by his job and the environment but somehow gets stuck. It becomes difficult to let go and untangle himself from the complex life of a croupier. Croupier is another 1996 casino movie.





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