In the past decade there have been a lot of advancement in content brought up by various artists in the film industry. The coming up of web series has to be the best thing in our lives since internet.

One of the most popular platforms to watch these series has to be Netflix. It has captured a wide market among the people of various continents because the quality of content and number of movies, documentaries, web series, reality shows it offers to the public.

There are many awesome web series to binge watch over the weekend and we have brought you a list of the 7 best Netflix Original series to devote your time to-



This one has a mixed audience ratings and reviews in the market, but has a strong presence on Netflix.

The show progresses when the lead character’s ( who is a writer in a newspaper) wife dies from breast cancer after which he contemplates suicide to avoid all the pain and agony, instead decides to punish the world for his wife’s death, but somehow the whole world is betting for him to be a better man.

The series is basically based on black comedy as well as a drama fusion genre, created, produced and directed by Ricky Gervais, who is also the main lead of the show.

The show was released in the year 2019, with one season being completed and the second one being on its way.

The Politician

This comedy drama American web series revolves around Payton Hobart and his dream of becoming the United States president, but first he needs to become the president of his school’s student body and carefully manage to compete in the same.

Only one season has been aired up until now with 8 episodes in total.

It has got 7.6 IMDB ratings, and is a good way to spend your weekends, munching on your favourite snack and Netflixing all day long.


Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico is definitely one of the finest mafia drama series available on Netflix.

It started with Pablo Escobar journey as the drug kingpin and his downfall with the help of two DEA agents and the local police, in the first two seasons.

Then the story shifts to other major cartels working in Columbia and their falling out in the third season.

The final season depicts the story of Diego Luna, leader of the Guadalajara cartel in Mexico, how he rose to become the most famous gangsters in the 1980s and an ambitious DEA agent, Michael Pena who wants to see the cartel fall.

This show will make you fall in love with the cinema again.

The Crown

The Crown has been slowing making its way to fame with gripping plot it holds and portrays the life of the queen of England right before her coronation and up until her entire life into the whole series.

There are a total of three seasons up until now, streaming on Netflix. The drama series has been explored beautifully and the main lead Claire Foy portrays light on unseen parts of the Queen’s duties, the troubled dynamic of a public and private life, her marriage to Philip, and dealing with her father, George.

Do not miss out this amazing series and get on your pyjamas and a bucket full of popcorn and start watching The Crown.

Stranger Things

The title does complete justice to the series. It is available exclusively on Netflix and has gotten an 8.8 IMDB rating.

The story is set in the 80s where the government experiments haunts the town of Indiana.
The story starts when a boy named Will goes missing and his friends and family are set to find him. In this journey they will find some strange truths about those experiments and are set to unravel the mysteries with the help of a young girl named Eleven.

The Sci-fi series will surely up your series game and will get your adrenaline into work.

The Witcher

It is an American fantasy drama web series available on Netflix and is loosely based on the novel, ‘The Witcher’ by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The story goes ahead with the main lead Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, who is a solitary monster hunter, finds the real world more haunting than the monsters he kills and when he finds a powerful sorceress and young princess, they must work together in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

The series has an exceptional 8.3 IMdB rating and is a must watch for you, especially if you are a fan of Henry Cavill.

The Last Kingdom

This web series is again based on a series of novels, written by Bernard Cornwell, where the story is set in the late 9th century.  This historical drama is undoubtedly one of the best series in the whole list of web series.

The story revolves around Alfred who has to defend his kingdom from the Norse invaders in order to claim his ancestral right.

There are a total of three seasons, with the fourth season coming soon on Netflix and is a good option to sit for this weekend.



There are a lot of series to watch on Netflix as the content keeps on growing every few days and the originals Netflix shows and movies have come into existence that release exclusively on the online platform.

We have collected 7 best ones for you to kick off your weekend vibes with this amazing collection.