When it comes to Apex Legends, certain things can help you to move ahead while some can hold you back. You need to figure out which moves will take you in the ditch and which apex legends cheats will help you win.

Dropping and playing for kills in Apex Legends can be fun but, winning a royal battle match is all about surviving while playing smart and focusing on the big picture. At the same time, Apex has launched ranked leagues into the game play formula and thus, you can get serious about bringing home those wins.

Although, not everyone is on the same page and thus, this can be frustrating when queuing up for a ranked match. You cannot afford to have an early loss and so, try ditching these 6 habits.

Do not ignore the third wheel

Sometimes your whole squad is not available to play and so, you might have to run as a duo alongside a random player. You might feel that playing with a familiar partner will have better coordination but, it is really important to work with them. If not, one person will have to play as a three person team and that is not possible.

 It is possible that the third person might not be that cooperative but, ignoring them when they are putting all the effort will leave your squad at a drastic disadvantage. Thus, don’t be that person.

Wandering from the squad

If you stay together, you win. It is one simple rule. This is because the functional enemy squad will be moving in packs of three. It is important to understand that 2 is always going to be a bigger number than 1 or 2.  

 You can have a valid reason for straying from the squad like when they are making a suicidal late drop into a crowded zone but, apart from that, stick together.

Don’t get too thirsty for kills

The game is all about landing a good kill and so, it is going to feel great after conquering one. However, you can be interrupted by the enemy squad at any given time and the tables can turn. So, until you are absolutely sure, don’t go for it.

You need to understand that the player in question will not lose the point for knocking them down unless they are revived. So, you can always take help of some cheat codes that can help you to make sure that the win is yours.

Maintain your aggression

A lot of players play aggressively and this is a difficult habit to break. In fact, Apex Legends also encourages aggressive play. However, if you are shooting for win then it makes sense to stop dragging the squad into unnecessary fire fights.

 Also, Ranked Leagues is all about numbers. Your squad might get one or two points for the kills but, you will be putting a lot of risk for that.

Stop taking the obvious route

Obviously, you do not have a lot of time for route planning when you are making a desperate run to survive. Thus, you must one in advance and make sure that you avoid routes with popular choke points. Also, just avoid going to the bunker.

 Also, if the area is really crowded, then the player in question should understand that most of the other players will be making a bee-line to the nearest direct path to the next ring. Also, when the time comes, one can gauge and double their bet because there will be a bloodbath. In such a scenario, taking out the time to plan a less tricky and direct path will help you to go to the next ring.

Don’t be picky with weapons

Every player has their favorite weapons but, you won’t necessarily get them all the time. Try to work with what you can find and then upgrade accordingly.

 For example, if you love the peacekeepers but have all the modifications necessary to wipe out a mean alternator with ammunition, and then work with that. Being adaptable is the key. Also, if you are not good with it, then continue practicing. If you are versatile, then you can go a long way than being a dead shot with the Longbow.      

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